Pilgrims begin returning home after completing successful Hajj

HajjMakkah : More than two million pilgrims began to leave Saudi Arabia after completing their pilgrimage, amid an integrated system of services set up by the Saudi government.

Pilgrims continue to leave until the beginning of Muharram, which will see the departure of the last pilgrim from the country.

The Saudi government announced the success of Hajj this year, noting that pre-planned programs for the conduct of Hajj, both those related to guiding pilgrims and maintain their security and safety, helped in the massive success.

The government of Saudi Arabia had mobilized more than 100,000 security forces to ensure a safe and hassle-free Hajj. The government also announced that the Hajj season has been epidemic-free and that all pilgrims are healthy and well.

Medical services were provided to more than 465,000 pilgrims. More than 566 cardiac catheterizations, 28 open heart surgeries, and 1520 kidney dialysis were performed.

More than 400 bedridden pilgrims were transported to the holy sites to complete their rituals in a convoy equipped with all necessities.

The Saudi government has prepared 25 hospitals in Makkah, Madinah, and the holy sites. It also prepared 158 health centers with 31,000 health workers to deal with emergency cases.

Tawafa institutions started transporting pilgrims to Jeddah and Madinah according to their approved schedules.

In preparation to transport pilgrims to more than 100 international destinations, Saudi Airlines has set up a schedule of more than 2,300 flights for pilgrims.

The company is providing a service where pilgrims can check-in their luggage in advance so they can devote themselves for Hajj and avoid any delays or congestions at departure halls. It also allocated staff to work around the clock to facilitate pilgrims’ trips.

Pilgrims usually buy souvenirs to keep their memories of Hajj.

Deputy Sheikh of Jewelers of Makkah Abdul Ghani Al-Sayegh said that there is a decline of 20 percent in sales of gold among pilgrims.

He told the International Islamic News Agency (IINA) that this decline in sales is attributed to the steady rise in gold prices since August 17, in addition to the turbulent economic situation in many countries.

More than 2,300,000 people performed the pilgrimage this year, of which 1,752,000 came from outside Saudi Arabia.

Around 1,334,000 of pilgrims were males, compared to 1,018,000 females.



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