Pasbaan e Adab Organizing literary festival in Mumbai


Qaisar Khalid (IPS) at Mumbai University, Convocation Hall ,Fort, Mumbai
Qaisar Khalid (IPS) at Mumbai University, Convocation Hall ,Fort, Mumbai

Mumbai: (Maeeshat News) “Pasbaane Adab is a socio cultural organisation committed to the cause of spreading the values of the composite culture of this country through literature,music and art. Conceived originally as Anjuman Faroghe Adab in the year 2012, it has come a long way since. It got transformed to Jashn e Adab in the year 2013 before finally settling down to Paasban e Adab in 2014. Though the names have changed, the commitment to core values remains the same. It has taken the shape of a registered trust now” Says Quaiser Khalid (IPS) Mumbai, who is the founder of said trust.

“Paasbane Adab in its tryst with its core principle has been a distinguished body organizing international literary festivals promoting quality poetry in Hindi and Urdu in the city of Mumbai. Every year this poetry festival is the most sought after destination for the seekers of quality literature and provides food for thought and succor to the soul. Not only poets from India and Abroad attend these festivals but also people from within and outside the city converge to experience the power of words in rhyme and rhythm,” Khalid added.

Conceived as Anjuman Faroghe Adab in 2012, the organisation was renamed as Jashn-e-Adab in 2013 before finally becoming Paasban-e-Adab in 2014. This year, his labour of love, the festival Izhaar, will enter its fifth year. The event has gained in size, technology and popularity. With poets from India and abroad, there will be YouTube introductions and a live television broadcast. Mumbai University, the venue of the event, is also a partner of this year’s festival along with some corporate brands.

The organisation is also committed to create an awareness among people of the lives times and work of great litterateurs who are no longer with us. It celebrates their contributions through an annual event called Meeras,wherein a short film is made on their lives and one of their poems is sung by famous singers.

The organisation also hosts literary figures  visiting the city and organises mehfils for them in order to showcase their art. It also organises musical evenings featuring the Kalam of famous poets sung by renowned artists.

List of poets

Ashok Chakradhar :Delhi

Aslam Farshori : Hyderabad

Mohib Kausar : Gulbarga

Hamid Iqbal: Mumbai

Ghulam Nabi Ghafil :J&K

khursheed Akbar:Patna

Anwar Shawoor: out of India

Ozair Ahmad: out of India

Asghar nadeem syed:out of india

Ataul Haq Qasmi: out of india

Malka Naseem Jaipur

Shariq Kaifee: Barielly

Javed akhtar :Mumbai

Ranjeet chauhan :Delhi

Athar shakeel :Mumbai

Quaiser Khalid :Mumbai

Gopal Das Neeraj, Lucknow

Noaman Shauq Delhi

Nadeem Siddiqi, Mumbai

ON May 7, 6.30 pm
AT Mumbai University, Convocation Hall, MG Road, Fort.
CALL 9224777707


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