Owaisi Trying to Save His Close Ones Who Infiltrated from Pakistan: BJP

Siddiqui claims that the majority of Muslims are in favour of implementation of NRC along with CAA

NEW DELHI – The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday said that by opposing the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), MIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi is “trying to save his close ones who had illegally infiltrated into the country from Pakistan”.

Demanding withdrawal of CAA, NRC and National Population Register (NPR), Owaisi has threatened a “massive protest” against the implementation of the three laws.

Reacting to this, BJP’s minority morcha national president Jamal Siddiqui told IANS “everyone must know that Owaisi’s close associates from Pakistan who had illegally entered the country and now he is trying to save them”.

“Owaisi knows that by implementing the NRC, these illegal infiltrators will be caught and he will be exposed in front of the country. Earlier he supported such acts and now is doing to protect illegal residents,” he said.

Siddiqui claims that the majority of Muslims are in favour of implementation of NRC along with CAA.

“Nationalist Muslims, who are in majority in the country, are of the view that the NRC must be implemented so that ‘deshbhakto ki pahchan’ (identification of patriots) can be done. The nationalist Muslims of the country also want implementation of CAA. Muslims also want to know who residents of this country are and who are not.

“Muslims also know the intention of people like Owaisi and others behind their opposition against CAA, NRC and NPR,” Siddiqui said.

On Owaisi’s demand to withdraw CAA, NRC and NPR on lines of the Centre’s decision to repeal the three farm laws, Siddiqui said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi always listens to ‘Mann Ki Baat’ of farmers but he never listens to ‘Mann Ki Baat’ of people who are not dishonest. He will ensure punishment to the people whose intent towards the country is not honest.”

Siddiqui also alleged that Owaisi is trying to create disturbance in the country.

“With his malicious intention, Owaisi is not only disturbing the social harmony but also creating internal disturbance in the county. He is trying to save illegal residents who support him. He will not succeed in malicious agenda. No one in the country supports his views,” he added.



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