Outlook for job recruitment positive during July-December 2018: Report


Naukri dot comNew Delhi : The outlook for recruitment activity is positive for the second half of 2018, a report of the job portal Naukri.com said on Monday.

However, the Naukri Hiring Outlook Survey said the recruiters are concerned about the lack of talent for new jobs.

“As many as 70 per cent recruiters (participating in the survey) agreed to increased hiring activity in the second half of the year with both replacement hiring and new jobs creation taking place simultaneously as against 60 per cent last year,” the report said.

While there is optimism in terms of job creation and growth, there also exist concerns among the recruiters about the availability of the right talent for new jobs, it added.

The report further said layoffs are expected to be “negligible” during the period. Attrition rate, too, is likely to decline with half of the recruiters surveyed expected it to be less than 10 per cent.

“Attrition for people with more than eight years of experience at senior-level profiles was predicted by just one out of every 10 recruiters. On the other hand, two-thirds of the recruiters thought attrition will be highest for people with one to eight years of experience,” it added.


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