Oracle CEO charts cloud market roadmap for 2025

Oracle CEOBy Nishant Arora

San Francisco:(IANS) At a time when the millennial generation is forcing a technology shift towards a dynamically changing workplace across the globe, the global software major and the leading cloud services provider Oracle has announced a cloud market forecast for 2025.

Addressing some of the top innovators and technology leaders at the packed Moscone Centre during the Oracle’s OpenWorld 2015 conference on October 26, its CEO Mark Hurd said that by 2025, all enterprise data will be stored in the cloud and Oracle is going to be the first choice for all stakeholders.

“In a dynamically changing working environment, the demographic shift is forcing a technology shift worldwide. We understand this shift and are ready to provide customised cloud platforms to our existing and new customers which will help them meet new demands,” he told the audience.

“There is very little room for error. If you don’t deliver, someone is waiting to take your place,” he added.

By 2025, 80 percent of production apps in the world will be in the cloud and by the same time, all enterprise data will also be stored in cloud, he predicted.

“In a highly insecure world we are in today, security is now the foremost choice for organisations worldwide. Oracle is already there, providing the best, real-time security services to its customers,” he commented.

The companies worldwide are investing heavily in securing their data and with Oracle’s diversified bouquet of cloud platforms, securing the data comes naturally, he added.

According to Hurd, the current on-premises information technology operating models are unsustainable.

“Our entire data portfolio is on the cloud, safe and secure. Now we want others to follow this to have a less complex and more secured experience,” Hurd noted.

According to him, in the next decade, 100 percent of development tests will be in the cloud and enterprise clouds will be the most secure IT environments.

A day earlier, in a yet another remarkable speech, Oracle’s executive chairman and chief technology officer Larry Ellison announced two cloud platforms with a great emphasis on maintaining security at a time when private data is at the risk of being stolen via cyber attacks.

While the new “Oracle SCM Cloud” will offer the first complete supply chain and discrete manufacturing with 100 percent fusion, the “E-commerce in the CX Cloud” platform will be a complete, integrated modern suite covering the customers’ requirements across the spectrum like marketing, sales, service and social responsibility.

“Oracle has committed to make its cloud and data platforms easy, performing, compelling and secure. We will lower the costs down and accelerate your power,” Ellison announced.

Some of the software industry’s top leaders and various stakeholders from 141 countries have convened here for an ultimate cloud experience.

The five-day event is going to see some of the technology’s greatest minds brainstorm on the future of the enterprise, Oracle’s integrated cloud platform and the new era of secure computing.

“By 2020, 50 percent of the global workforce will be tech-savvy millennials (those born after 1980). The companies worldwide need to go simpler, faster and more innovative to win their trust. And Oracle is delivering new features and innovations for them,” said Bob Evans, chief communication officer, Oracle, during a media interaction.

The conference, which runs October 25-29, is taking place at 18 locations throughout downtown San Francisco with the Moscone Center serving as its epicentre.

Nearly 60,000 people from 145 countries attended the OpenWorld conference last year. The conference will also be webcast.

(Nishant Arora is attending the conference in the US at the invitation of Oracle. He can be reached at


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