NTPC’s Farakka plant came to standstill due to water crisis

farakkhaFarakka (West Bengal) (IANS) The NTPC’s 2,100 MW Farakka plant in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district came to a standstill on Sunday after it had to stop generation in its only running unit due to a deteriorating water crisis, said a company statement said.

“The availability of water from Farakka Feeder Canal to the 2,100 MW Farakka Plant further declined today (Sunday), compelling authorities to switch off the lone generating 500 MW sixth unit. With this, generation at Farakka has come to a stand still,” the communique said.

“Concurrently, drinking water facilities within the plant and as well as townships have also gone dry. The matter has been duly communicated to the higher officials,” it said.

The situation became alarming due to unprecedented fall in the water level in the feeder canal, the company said.

“Generation from all the six units had to be suspended in phases since Friday evening. The non-availability of cooling water has endangered the life of critical equipment at the plant,” it said.

As the townships as well as the plant and office solely depend on the canal for domestic and portable water, its depleted level has hit severely hit drinking water supply while fire tenders have been pressed into service to supply water for domestic use to residents.


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