NEW DELHI — The Congress on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has nothing new to offer and as usual resorted to “diversion” in his remarks ahead of the start of the 18th Lok Sabha.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said the PM has shown no evidence that he understood the true meaning of people’s verdict, PTI reported.

“The non-biological PM who suffered a resounding personal, political, and moral defeat in the Lok Sabha elections has just given his usual ‘desh ke naam sandesh’ outside the Parliament as the 18th Lok Sabha prepares to commence its tenure,” he said.

“He has said nothing new and as usual resorted to diversion. He has shown no evidence that he understands the true meaning of the people’s verdict, which saw him eking out only a narrow and dubious win in Varanasi,” Ramesh said in a post on X.

“Let him be under no doubt: the INDIA Janbandhan will hold him to account for every minute. He stands brutally exposed,” Ramesh also said.

In his customary remarks ahead of the start of 18th Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi said India needs a responsible opposition as people want substance not slogans. He said people want debate, diligence and not disturbance in Parliament.

Modi said that people expect good steps from the opposition, but it has been disappointing so far and expressed hope that it will fulfil its role and maintain democracy’s decorum.

He also recalled that the Emergency’s 50th anniversary falls on June 25 and called it a ‘black spot’ on India’s democracy when the Constitution was discarded.