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National Muslim Social Leadership Summit to be held in New Delhi

Navid Hamid Summit

Concept Note on Muslim Social Leadership Summit

Indian Muslims, who constitute over 13 percent of the Indian population, are at the crossroads of victim-hood, deprivation and a desire to rebuild their destiny.  Sixty five percent of this population has not seen even thirty springs of their lives and thus constitute a major asset of the community. These young minds not only have high aspirations from the community leaders, but also have a strong desire to lead a respectable life and seek opportunities for progress and development similar to other communities in India.

The community at large is in a churning process in post-Sacchar era. Empirical reviews suggest Muslims are lagging in all spheres of development including education, employment, income and assets.  The Sacchar Committee Report had shown our place to us and had given us responsibility to initiate dialogue, plan strategies and work vigorously to achieve goals.

There is a need for durable changes. Firstly to recognise that deprivation amongst the Muslims exist due to systematic factors which can be set right through broad based public initiatives, not entirely through special purpose vehicles such as Minority-oriented programs, assisting them to get their share within the mainstream such as regular ministries, departments and programs of the Governments, both at national as well as state levels.

India, through 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments, made a strong sociopolitical statement of its arrival as a matured democracy, championing multi layer decentralised governance, sharing substantial powers and national pool of resources with the states. Further, the enduring canons of governance and economic development are grounded in principals of socialism, inclusiveness and secularism. Being rich in diversity, India is a rare example of pluralism with multi dimensional cultural and social groupings, races and religions.

Like other main communities, in general, and deprived communities, in particular, the marginalised Muslim community should pursue social, economic and educational aspirations not only within the frame and support of government provided infrastructure, opportunities and political awakening but needs to walk extra step for achieving their targets on their own.

The UPA Government had made some concrete efforts between 2009-2014 to address various aspects of the Muslim deprivation, especially after Sacchar Report. However a review of all programmes suggests that the minority-concentrated programs have not even made a dent in many areas particularly in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Gujarat. The overall utilization is less than 20 percent of the total funds earmarked to this programme since its inception, Similarly the Scholarship programme, although very popular is able to cover only a fraction of total applicants. Moreover it appears that the public sector banks have not even taken a note of the repeated requests make by the RBI which is a matter of utmost concern.

The installation of new government of BJP and its allies at center with a massive mandate & promise for inclusive development has opened new avenues for self introspection for the community & chalking strategies for safeguarding its interest as mandated by the constitution and also deliberating on ensuring a kind of working relation with new government as once in power government does not represent any particular section but all citizens irrespective of region, religion, caste & ethnicity.

The larger malice of exclusion has to be fought unitedly and needs collaboration and partnership with civil society and private institutional structures. In attaining desire results there stands the need for engaging Muslim social activists and leaders. Also its high time for Muslim NGO’s to trap and monitor the welcafre Schemes with utmost care.

We expect that a good number of Policy Makers, Community Leadership Motivators & Trainers would share their mind in this important National Muslim Social Leadership Summit. Also we are trying to invite representatives of important Political Parties and CM’s from different states to interact with the participating delegates.

Why Social Leaders?

Social leaders are assets, backbone and face of any community who play a key role in motivating and leading the community to the heights of progress and empowerment and thus framing destinies. They are the people who have deep understanding of issues at the ground level and enjoy negotiating skills to respond in vibrant democratic setups.

History shows that most of the statesman have genesis in the social sector who have attain heights of success not because of personal ambitions but that of their missionary zeal and selfless contributions for their community and nation.

Indian Muslims too have such hidden gems that need to be engage to generate social impact. Unless we identify them, give them their due place in our societies and chennalise their potentials, chances of our success as community are bleak and remote.

Ironically the current socio-political setup treats Muslim social activists in pursuit of electoral politics. In surcharged political frenzy these talented minds are used for small political gains and hence they lost their relevance in due course of time. In utter state of confusion and pressures from political class, the upcoming social activists crisscross the fine boundary line between social and political activism which distracts them from their pointed goals of serving community and nation at large.

The concept of social activism is too misunderstood within community. Community itself is to be blamed for undermining the zeal and commitment of our social activists. Also the day to day economic struggle for living an honorable life and livelihood has made it difficult for even committed people to survive and struggle in the world of social activism and unfortunately the concept of social work in India in general and with in community in particular is still struggling to overcome the baggage of philanthropy emanating from multiple stereotypical motivations.

Notwithstanding few success stories most of our social activists’ lives in oblivion and most of the chosen representatives of political parties within community always feel threatened from the emerging social crusaders and remains hostile towards them.

Why Muslim Leadership Summit?

Taking note of the factual position as shared; MOEMIN has decided to hold first “National Muslim Social Leadership Summit” from 13-15th February 2015, to engage these hidden gems in nation building.

The THRUST of the proposed “National Muslim Social Leadership Summit” includes – engaging the young upcoming social leaders; planning for future strategies for concentrated efforts to achieve goals; to motivate social activists to commit themselves to be part of the campaign for social development programs for next two years; to get enlightened and share innovative and bold solutions to pressing social and environmental issues from each other;to work for intra community and inter community dialogue; to explore possibilities to develop skilled leaders in different fields; to engage the participating activists in dialogue with political leaders; to do analysis of the government initiated schemes and to get acquainted with ways to engage people to join a cause and do more.

We are in process of identifying at least six Muslim Social Leaders, who are selflessly doing their job with missionary zeal, from each Muslim Concentrated District to be part of this initiative and are hopeful that more than 600 people would participate in the proposed “National Muslim Social Leadership Summit” besides a host of political leaders cutting across political spectrum to get acquainted with the aspirations of the Muslim community leaders working at the ground level and hope that the exercise would not only pave the way for pro active measure to solve the pressing issues but also generate confidence in social activists , sense of connectedness and capability to make the cause they are striving for more visible and championed.

Who can participate?

Existing Active social leaders / activist as individuals or an entity and Social entrepreneurs

Fresh leaders in the making.

We invite all concerned community leaders not only to become part of this initiative by registering their participation but also guide us to reach to some other hidden gems of the community in your district and locality and send us their names with their brief background (Qualification and orientation towards social leadership / entrepreneurship in case they are fresh leaders in the making. We hope that you would give emphasis in suggesting names in the ratio of 50:30:20 percentage wise (Between 25-40yrs: 40-60yrs: Senior citizens Above 60 yrs).

We wish to publish brief background of each participant to be shared with participating delegates on the eve of the summit. We would be grateful if you kindly do confirm your participation in the proposed “National Muslim Social Leadership Summit”  at the earliest OR by 25th January, 2015 along with the names of your colleagues in social sector along with a nominal delegation fee of Rs. 700/= per delegate .

Please send us the Registration form attached with the mail at the earliest convenience, along with the registration fees.

How concerned community leaders can support?

We also earnestly solicit financial support from all well wishers. Kindly do explore possibilities of becoming part of the initiative by considering following:

As Patron: You can become Patron of the event by contributing a sum of Rs. 10,000.00 (Rs. Ten Thousand only).

As Supporter: By contributing Rs. 2000.00 (Rs. Two Thousand only), as a contributor for the event.

All donations and registration fee in form of demand draft/pay order can be sent in the name of “MOVEMENT FOR EMPOWERMENT OF MUSLIM INDIANS” OR “SOUTH ASIAN COUNCIL FOR MINORITIES”.


MOEMIN is an advocacy group and working for the empowerment-social, educational and economic, of Muslim Indians since 1999 and have organised various activities besides advocating for their equitable share and participation of Muslims in public life.

Volunteers of MOEMIN had always been in the forefront to reach the disturbed areas of communal strife and natural calamities and had organised massive relief operations during Gujarat pogrom (2002); Earthquake in Kashmir (2006); Relief work for the victims of communal strife in Kokhrajhar, Assam (2012) and also had sponsored mass marriages of orphans of Gujarat pogrom in 2003 and Assam violence in 2012.

MOEMIN has been fortunate to sponsor students for Secondary and Higher studies from time to time, mostly of the disturbed areas.

Fortunately, some of the workshop of MOEMIN have become an annual event now and have been included in plan of actions by other organisations too from across the country. The organisation has earned goodwill as an advocacy group for the rights of the Muslims across the nation.


Released by

Navaid Hamid

General Secretary, MOEMIN


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