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Muslim Mirror going to organize Conclave & Community Journalism Awards 2015

MM Award

New Delhi: Entries are invited for the Muslim Mirror Awards 2015 for Community Journalism–2014. The Community Journalism Awards have been instituted to promote best talent among community journalists and encourage good quality writing and high ethical standards.

Entries must be submitted by 15th March, 2015.

Entries in the form of articles or stories published in the print & digital medium and television stories broadcast during calendar year 2014 and impactful photographs of the year published in the print or digital medium are invited from Indian Community Journalists in the following categories:

Muslim Mirror Community Journalism Awards have also been instituted for the following categories:

Journalist of the year award-2014

Excellence in community journalism – 2014

Excellence in community business Journalism- 2014

Muslim Mirror Award for community Journalism will be also given in Urdu, Bangla, Maliyalam, Kannad, Marathi, Gujarati, English, and Hindi languages.

The Journalist of the Year Award will be for a body of work that contributed to creating a lasting impact. (This category is open for main stream journalists for their stories published in any journalistic medium – print, digital, TV or social media.

The selection will be made by a special jury from amongst a shortlist drawn up by the Managing Committee of the Muslim Mirror. Suggestions from readers will also be taken into consideration.

The guidelines for the contest are:

  1. The contest is open only for community journalists.
  2. A copy of the published article (print or digital) or broadcast story needs to be sent along with the entry form.
  3. Entries should have been published / broadcast in calendar year 2014 only.
  4. The various award categories should be studied carefully, and applications marked specifically for the category they fit into.
  5. Entries will need to be authenticated (supported/recommended) by the Editors/Media Heads of respective media platforms.
  6. Entries other than in English language should be accompanied by an English translation.
  7. Entries must have been published in registered print publications like newspapers or magazines or web-based publications / television networks; Writings on blogs however are not eligible for entry.
  8. Entries of published articles/stories must be accompanied with a scanned copy (print medium) or print out (digital medium).
  9. Entries in the various Television categories must be sent on pen drive or DVD in mpeg format. Television entries must carry a brief outline and background of the story, and the impact it created.
  10. Entries must be mailed not later than 15th March, 2015 to:
  11. A distinguished panel of judges in each category, appointed by Muslim Mirror, will decide the winners.
  12. The decisions made by the Judges and the Muslim Mirror will be final.

We thank you for your time and interest and look forward to your continued participation with the Muslim Mirror Awards. For details, updates and information on the Awards, visit to

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