“Modern” Culture the Biggest Threat to Health: Dr. Javed Jamil

“Market driven Healthcare system ignores natural prevention and insists on artificial prevention.”

By Staff Reporter

Dr. Javed Jamil has called upon the world to use Health as the most important criterion for judging what is right and what is wrong. Dr. Jamil, renowned thinker and writer and Chair in Islamic Studies & Research”, Yenepoya University, Mangalore was delivering a lecture on “Socio-cultural Issues and their Impact on Health” in a programme organized by the St Aloycious Degree College, Mangalore. He said that society and culture all over the world are now being shaped in varying degrees by the do-called Modernism, which is nothing but a market sponsored system to “market not only the human needs but also the human susceptibilities”. He said that they first maket the “causes of the Problems” and then market the “Solutions of the Problems”. He emphasized that the rise of “Economic Fundamentalism” in 18th Century onwards has been responsible for the “commercialization of human weaknesses” with hugely dangerous consequences. “They first started working on a God-free society because “fear of God” is the largest impediment in the way of succumbing to weaknesses”, he explained. He said that they used theoretical physicists to convince the world that the universe got created without Gid. “They tried to make the world believe about a huge plan without a planner, a hugely vast construction without a builder, a massive design without a designer, a vast system without anyone governing it, the emergence of highly advanced physics and mathematics without anyone knowing mathematics and physics, then chemistry, biology and cosmology without any biologist, chemistry expert and cosmologist anywhere. Then they started a systematic disintegration of family system, which “they thought was the biggest obstacle in the commercialization of sex and other addictions”. He said that alcohol and free sex have become the biggest causes of death in the world. Citing various statistics, he told that more than 38 million people have died of AIDS in last 30 years and it still continues to be a big killer. He told that homosexuality, promiscuity and prostitution are the major reasons in the same order for the Mortality and Morbidity due to Sex Transmitted Diseases and “yet they are not only allowed, but also glorified, commercialized and globalised” by the market-driven system.

Dr. Jamil told that around 120 million babies are killed by way of abortion and yet rather than this genocide becoming a big human rights issue, ‘right to abortion’ is defended as a “Human Right”.  “While death sentence to a mass murderer is opposed in the name of the right to life, these babies do not have the right to live because they are the biggest hindrance in the commercialization of sex and the so called freedom of women,” he argued. He said that “ironically, while babies are killed in the wombs of mothers, ventilators are put even on 90 plus people who have hardly any chances of surviving, and are often already dead”. “Both ventilators and abortions bring huge profits to the Healthcare market.” He said that on the one hand, drugs are openly sold and then drug rehabilitation centres are established because both will bring money. “If there are no diseases, the healthcare market will not prosper”, he argued. He said that the modern system in not interested in Natural Prevention but in Artificial Prevention. While alcohol, promiscuity, smoking, gambling are marketed with great fanfare, emphasis is laid on condoms, vaccines and rehabilitation if needed. Peope are not told to avoid dangerous substances and practices but to use artificial means to reduce the chances of adverse effects, he argued.

Dr. Jamil argued that family system is the biggest safety wall against diseases and killings like abortions and rapes. He said that disintegration of family system has become the order of the day, and now in Western countries 40-60 percent children are born out of wedlock and 60-80 percent children have to live with single parents. He said that “Freedom of Women” is nothing but “Freedom to men to enjoy them and freedom to market to exploit them, women and children being the major sufferers”. It is women who have to become preganant and then abort and in most cases they are the single parents looking after their children. “Freedom of Choice has become the biggest tool in the hands of the market forces”, he went on to explain. He said that in principle “Freedom of Choice” is a good concept but giving dangerous choices to the people is the most lethal abuse of this concept. He said that if Covid has caused massivee impact in the most advanced regions of the world including America and Europe, one big reason is their night life, full of partying, sex and drinking and gamblibg, and absence of strong family system. He argued that the market including the healthcare industry does not want total prevention of diseases and are just interested in keeping diseases especially pandemics within the manageble limits so that they can take maximum advantage out of it.

Dr. Jamil called upon all the religions to play their roles effectively in countering the concepts, policies and programs that seriously endanger “life and healthiness of life”. He emphasised that Health must become the biggest and unbreachable criterion in determining the policies, programmes and laws regarding substances and practices. He argued that instead of just focusing on Fundamental rights, the focus should be on Three-Dimensional System of Rights, Duties and Prohibitions. This alone can make society healthy and peaceful, he argued.

Dr Jamil laid great stress on the need of all religions to “unite on the ground of common religious morality rather than fighting and hating on the ground of Religious Identity”. In reply to a question, he argued that communalism has little to do with religion and is the product of “Political Fundamentalism”, which tries to use the sentiments of the people for political gains. In reply to another question he explained that all religions largely speak against harmful substances and practices and in favour of strong family system but in Islam, there are specific guidelines in a codified manner regarding all these issues. In reply to yet another question, he said that he is neither in favour of a very early marriage nor in favour of a late marriage. 20 to 25 years is the ideal period for merriage, he said. 

He explained that morality is of three types – religious, scientific and commercial. While religious morality and scientific morality more or less conform to each other, commercial morality is highly different. What is bad in religion is proved to be bad by health sciences. But commercial morality is interested in money only and is dangerous for health and peace.

The one hour talk was followed by a lively half an hour interactive session


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