Mobily expands services to monitor World Cup events

RIYADH – Mobily continues launching its distinctive offers to follow-up the events of FIFA World Cup, which began Wednesday on a number of services offered to its subscribers through digital live stream. Mobily granted the new subscribers in Raqi, Wajid EXTRA, Wajid Plus and Connect 4G Mai-Fi packages one month subscription in beIN SPORTS channels without any additional costs.

Mobily enabled all its outlets around the Kingdom to allow this service for the subscribers who desire to take advantage of this offer and enjoy live watching all the FIFA World Cup matches through beIN SPORTS channels from anywhere, thanks to the advanced infrastructure upon which the company relies in providing the best reliable communication networks that cover all parts of the populated areas in the Kingdom.

Both Raqi and Wajid Extra packages are providing additional value to the subscribers through the features that support each package to keep pace with the needs and aspirations of the various segments of society. This reflects Mobily’s keenness for innovative offers and packages that makes it unique in comparison to its rivals in the sector.

Raqi package targets a specific category of major customers where it provides  its subscribers a number of free features such as unlimited SMSs and minutes within Mobily network and an open Internet package inside and outside the Kingdom in more than 67 countries around the world to enjoy the services of high-speed Internet at any time and from any place. Mobily added also the cash retrieval feature for an amount up to SR3,600 annually, immediately after subscription in the new Raqi package, where the subscriber can retrieve the value of smart phones when buying them in a form of deduction from his monthly bills throughout the year. Mobily allows also a direct discount feature on smartphones up to SR3,600 celebrating each customer completed one year in the package, noting that this feature is continuous in case of completion of each additional year in Raqi.

“Wajid EXTRA” packages allow its subscribers 3,000 free minutes inside Mobily network and 1000 minutes outside Mobily network and free SMSs both inside and outside the network, in addition to open Internet usage.

The subscribers of “Wajid Plus” package are allowed for 3,000 free minutes inside the network and 200 minutes outside the network, in addition to free SMSs inside and outside the network, and 2 free GB to use the Internet.

Raqi and Wajid packages allow subscribers the possibility of gifting and sharing the monthly features of voice minutes, SMSs, and Internet with the other Mobily subscribers. This can be done after adding the desired additional lines numbers to the basic line number and then start sharing the features successfully.

Mobily expanded the list of options for the subscribers to allow them following up this global sport event through subscribing in Connect 4G Mi-Fi and enjoy Connect 4G Mi-Fi with a big battery (10 GB/monthly) for three months. Moreover, the offer includes the existing prepaid and postpaid Packages until 13th of July 2014.

Mobily is currently stepping up its efforts to enhance 4G-LTE network has recently announced that the number of sites covered by 4G-LTE network has exceeded the barrier number of 4500 sites according to the set technical plan, through which the company aims to deliver this advanced technology to the largest possible number of sites in a short period of time.


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