Media of Pakistan is being reformed

Mahesh Kumar is the Chief Editor Daily Sindh Hyderabad and Former President Hyderabad Press Club, he express their views with Danish Reyaz

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What do you think about freedom of Journalism in Pakistan?

Media of Pakistan is being reformed in the comparison of previous decades but there is need of little more efforts. The change that occurred in the world also affected Pakistan; we are also enjoying freedom of speech and journalism etc. Although it is right that political parties, terrorist organization and local leaders are also attempting on Journalism and threatening journalists. If we check review of two or three previous year, many journalists were killed, in 2010, ten journalists had been killed but in 2011 the figure was eleven. In short we can say that journalism in Pakistan is very difficult job.

Your name is Mahesh Kumar and you belongs to minority community in Pakistan, what do you think about minority status in Pakistan?

I am by birth a Sindhi and enjoying liberalism in Sindh. We don’t have any one incident which one explains that we are living in critical situation and as a minority we are facing lot of problems. But yes of course minorities like Sikhs, Christians and Hindus are shouting for more and more rights. Although, minorities has fundamental rights instead of it they are alleging that government doesn’t behave good with them. As a citizen we have constitutional rights but we could not be at a post of Chief Minister, Prime Minister and President while Pakistan is a secular country instead of it there is no such rights as in India has. But I can say that after the General Ziyaul Haq regime now we have equal voting rights and in Pakhtoon, Bulochistan and Sindh we are living in good harmonies atmospheres.

What is your journalistic experience with religious groups and parties in Pakistan?

I am covering religious groups program and religious political parties’ stories without any hesitation. They are also inviting me in various religious programs and functions. When I was elected the President of Press Club, Qazi Hussain Ahmed Chief of Jamaat e Islami Pakistan came to my home and gave his good wishes.

You are visiting India, What are the differences between India and Pakistan you have observed?

We are living in same situations, if we are talking about terrorism, then both countries are facing same problem. Our culture is same, living style is same, even social values and customs are same. When I am traveling in Mumbai, it seems that I am traveling in Karachi. We cannot sketch any line which one divides our relations, since sixty five years we have harmed each other too much. Unfortunately, bad elements from both side wants to destroy our relations.  But now the time has come for both the governments, they should think about the betterment of the people. Now people want good relations between India and Pakistan.

What is the regional language’s status in Pakistan?

We are shouting about regional language. We want Sindhi, Pakhtooni, etc to be declared as a national language.

What is your newspaper doing regarding Indo-Pak friendship activities?

I welcome “Aman ki Aasha” initiative that is a pact between Times Group and Jung Group. My paper is displaying friendship related stories on front page. Hyderabad Press Club also organizes Diwali festival where peoples are celebrates together.

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