MBA with Specialization of Islamic Finance

at Crescent Business School, BSAR University, Chennai

Today Islamic banking and finance is fast emerging field of finance. It has already made its presence in over 75 countries. The assets under Islamic Finance have reached close to USD 1.5 trillion.  Islamic banking industry across the globe is growing at over 15 % annually and for sustainability of its current growth, the industry needs large numbers of professionals who need to be trained about its basic principles and practices.  Since it is an emerging field, there is huge requirement for the professionals specialized in this field.

Understanding the requirement of this industry, Chennai based Crescent Business School of B.S. Abdur Rahman University had introduced “Specialization in Islamic Banking and Finance” in its Elective Courses three year ago in 2010 to produce Islamic finance professionals. Since then a good number of students had opted this course as an elective for ‘Minor or Major Specialization’. Many of its graduates got placed abroad especially in Middle East & Gulf countries.

This course has been especially designed for those who need MBA with specialization in Islamic Finance. It would be very helpful for the youth who want to make a career in overseas Islamic Finance industry. The course aims to spread the knowledge widely through a well designed comprehensive curriculum.

The course has been structured in accordance with the curriculum of international institutions engaged in Islamic Finance education and training. Full-fledged faculty holding Ph.D. in Islamic Finance teaches the course. Guest lectures by the experts and professionals are frequently organized in order to update the students on current industry practices and provide clear understanding of the subject and the latest developments in the fields of Islamic banking and finance.

The course curriculum has been designed in a way that could broadly cover all important contents (major as well as minor) on the subject of Islamic Banking and Finance.

Presently Crescent Business School (CBS) offers six following courses:

1.      MSY-101  Introduction of Islamic Economics

2.      MSY-102  Fundamental of Islamic Finance

3.      MSY-103  Islamic Insurance (Takaful)

4.      MSY-104  Islamic Bonds (Sukuk)

5.      MSY-105  Islamic Asset and Fund Management

6.      MSY-106  Islamic Banking Product & Services

For more details Please visit http://www.bsauniv.ac.in/

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