MAHAbfic supports Maratha Youth Employment by creating self employment

Maratha Reservation “Emerging technologies of BFIC (Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Crypto Mining) can create tremendous job opportunities for youth – Dr. Tausif Malik, founder MAHAbfic”

“India can be the next Bitcoin/Crypto currency mining hub of the world”

Dr Tausif Malik

The Maratha youth is facing an uphill task of finding an employment so is the other Indian youth; this is a daily challenge. I can understand their pain and their demands, being from the Junnar, the birth place of Greatest Maratha of all times Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ji, who was the architect for a Maratha kingdom.

Years back the Indian economy was introduced to technology by renowned global innovator scientist, thinker and a proud Indian Mr.Sam Pitroda and bingo the Indian economy embraced technology and after couple of decades India is a powerhouse in IT and knowledge based industry worth …

Even though India achieved this feat, the rural India was left out of this technology revolution with lead to digital divide between “India (cities) VS Bharat (rural India)”. This lead to great Indian migration, yes some of the youth of rural India did benefit by becoming an IT or kpo professional but majority of them became support staff barely making ends meet. Their families eagerly waited for them to send them some monies but it was just a trickle which added to low rural income and shrinking population. Some of them jumped into to economic & technology bandwagon and joined the revolutionary Ride Hailing APPs, but this still it didn’t solve the growing unemployment problem.

But these youth didn’t just want to be a cab driver they also wanted to be part of the IT, business process or kpo industry and earn higher incomes and travel abroad. But still the digital divide continued between “India (cities) VS Bharat (rural India)”.

Looking at the current “Maratha Andolan” (Marathi peoples revolution for job reservation)  hurts me a lot, as the youth are just asking for a better life through employment and it a just honest demand. Maharashtra the economic powerhouse of India, is the largest contributor of taxes, but the Maratha farmers and the Maratha youth having facing a stressful life due to higher unemployment and farmers suicide.

The “Maratha Andolan” (Marathi peoples revolution for job reservation) and all the other Andolan by various other Indian communities (revolution for job reservation) is about a fair share from the economic development through employment opportunities and asking the Government for the same.

It is a daunting task for the Government to develop a balanced plan based on the socio economic fabric of India. But sometimes, citizens and corporate citizens have to take a lead and support their fellow citizens to have a better life by empowering them for better employment.

I was raised to help, support each other and help each other to achieve and earn a better life. I owe my success to so many people, hence I wanted to do something for my motherland “Bharat Mata”. Finally, my answers were prayed when I got the idea about MAHAbfic.com (Maharashtra – Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cryptos), the aha moment happened when my current partner Quayaum Quamar introduced me the upcoming technologies of BFIC (Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cryptos).

It was a game changer idea, where Citizens and Corporate citizens come together to promote a City, State and Country to promote as an ideal destination for investment. Yes, it was also a chance for Pune to even up with Bangalore, as Pune lost out the tag of Silicon Valley of India.

MAHAbfic pitched Pune & State of Maharashtra a “BFIC Capital of the World” (Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cryptos) a notch above.

State of Maharashtra, especially Pune & Mumbai offers some uniqueness no other place on the planet can offer 1.) Great international connectivity, 2.) Proximity of airport from the main city, 3.) Real estate opportunities, 4.) Availability of human resources & talent standard of living, 5.) Quality of life, 6.) Mumbai financial capital & entertainment capital, 7.) Pune – Oxford of the eEast & Detroit of the East 8.) Pune – India 1st tech capital of India ”.

But the biggest opportunity we spotted to empower the youth of India especially the rural youth was through crypto mining. We developed the a crypto mining training program and pitched the idea with Shri Milind Kamble founder of Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI), established in 2005 to bring together all Dalit entrepreneurs under one umbrella, to offer a one-stop Resource Center for existing and aspiring Dalit entrepreneurs & promote entrepreneurship among Dalits as a solution to their socio-economic problems.

Shri Milind Kamble, understood the vision and magnanimity of the Blockchain and Bitcoin/Crypto currency mining industry and christened our mining training program as Bitcoin Mining Training Program (BMTP) and proposed and agreed for a nationwide scale for youth self employment.”

According to recent research reports by leading media such as Quartz and Bloomberg – Bitcoin mining is dominated by China but India offers great opportunity due the demographic makeup.

DICCI and MAHAbfic signed an MOU for joint promotion and training of Bitcoin Mining Training Program (BMTP) and this news became a viral news in the month of March and April of 2018. The nationwide Bitcoin/Crypto currency mining training program was suppose to empower the youth for self employment. The program contents was to educate the students about Blockchain technology, Bitcoin/Crypto currency mining, entrepreneurship, startups and business establishment. The first training program was suppose to be held in the month of May in Pune.

But Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Government of India statements about Cryptos has affected the the industry and delayed the training program and reduced self employment opportunities.

If the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Government of India can develop a comprehensive crypto regulatory policy this would leap forward India into the next generation of IT revolution and growth and can reduce and eliminate digital divide between “India (cities) VS Bharat (rural India)” as crypto miners can work from comfort of their homes. Bitcoin/Crypto currency mining can create ‘ reverse migration’ from cities back to villages resulting in higher economic activity, taxation and development.

Our team and associates can provide relevant information to the Government in-order to create necessary sandbox for crypto regulations. If a confirmed regulatory policy is defined, it will help promote India as a hub for BFIC – Blockchain, Fintech, ICO & Cryptos.

Besides the Blockchain, Fintech & Cryptos; ICO – Initial Coin Offering, which is similar to IPO Initial Public Offering can trigger outsourcing work of designing, promoting ICO projects to India. ICO consulting work involves Digital Marketing & Financial consulting and Indians excel in this.

India has achieved success through IT, business process & kpo industry now is the time to benefit from BFIC industry and India can be the next Bitcoin/Crypto currency mining hub of the world and Initial Coin Offering outsourcing hub.

We have the greatest asset our people and people drive technology and innovation… MAHAbfic would want to invite everyone to benefit form our initiative.

Let the revolution take a new a course of action by empowering the next generation with new generation of technology.

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