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Madinah, City of Lights, glows with spirituality

madinaMADINAH: There is a deep spirituality present in the Prophet’s Mosque and other venerated places here, especially during Ramadan.

There are many locations that have a significant place in the history and growth of Islam and in the hearts of Muslims, including mosques, wells, houses, palaces, springs, mounts and ravines.

The Prophet’s Mosque has its own rich history to tell of the arrival of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) to the City of Lights. The building itself has become an architectural marvel under the care of the Kingdom.

Words can often not describe the sense of fulfillment and awe experienced by visitors when they arrive here to pray for the first time, particularly in the Garden of Paradise area, embellished with green and gold paint and tiles, where the Prophet (pbuh) led prayers and delivered his sermons.

When visitors arrive, they usually greet the Prophet (pbuh) saying: “Peace be upon you, I testify that you delivered your message, advised the nation and fought for God.” Then they greet his companions Abu Baker and Omar, the rightly guided Caliphs, and remember the bond between the Messenger (pbuh) and these Companions, and how they fought against despotism and hatred.

A few meters away from the mosque, toward the east, the graveyard of Baqee is located, surrounded by a wall, where the remains of more than 10,000 people are interred, including Companions and family of the Prophet (pbuh).

Historical sources show that the first Companion to be buried in Al-Baqee was Othman bin Madoon, followed by the Prophet’s son Ibrahim. Many Muslims wish to be buried there, to receive the intercession of the Prophet (pbuh) on the Day of Judgment. The Prophet (pbuh) used to go there many nights to pray for the dead.

There are many historic mosques to the south west that have been renovated and rebuilt many times, including Abu Baker Al-Siddiq, Omar and Ali bin Abi Taleb mosques. Four kilometers to the south is Quba Mosque, the place where the Al-Ansar met the Prophet (pbuh) singing and ululating, and invited him to stay at their homes, with the honor eventually going to Abu Ayoub.

Visiting the graves of the martyrs at Mount Uhud highlights the saying of the Prophet (pbuh): “We love it and it loves us.” One can almost hear the clanking of swords and neighing of horses and recall the bravery of the Prophet (pbuh) and those led by his uncle Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib.

There are several other places to visit including Al-Khandaq, the scene of the Battle of the Trench, where the Muslims dug out a large area to protect themselves against aggressors.

(Courtesy:Arab news)

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