Lynching is Narendra Modi’s brutal new India: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi on Alwar LynchingNew Delhi : Congress Presdient Rahul Gandhi on Monday said the latest lynching incident in Rajasthan’s Alwar represents Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “brutal New India”. The incident came to light on Saturday.

“Policemen in Alwar took three hours to get a dying Rakbar Khan, the victim of a lynch mob, to a hospital just six km away. Why? They took a tea-break en route. This is Modi’s brutal ‘New India,” Gandhi said in a tweet, attaching a news report.

The ‘New India,’ the Congress chief alleged, is where “humanity is replaced with hatred and people are crushed and left to die.”

Gandhi’s remarks came soon after a news report claimed that the policemen, before taking the lynch victim to the hospital, stopped to take some refreshment.


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