Logo release of Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School

Kolkata , 11th May 2024: Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School, an initiative of Maeeshat Academy and Kolkata’s first inclusive school for children situated at 46, D- Shri Dhar Roy Road, saw its logo release ceremony on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

“Alhamdulillah! Since the day we announced the establishment of Ibn e Maryam Play & Pre School, we have been receiving a large number of phone calls. The admission process for Ibn e Maryam Play & Pre School has already started. We have released the logo of Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School on May 11, 2024. The logon was released by children at the school premises. It’s tagline is Education with special assistance, ” said Danish Reyaz, Director of Maeeshat Academy.

It is said that this era belongs to Ibn E Mariyam, son of Mother Mariyam, we called Eessa (A.S), known for healing the sufferings. However, it is very difficult to predict how far away that time is. Eessa (A.S) was the Messiah of the needy, the oppressed, and the helpless. To keep their sunnah (tradition) alive, we have established Ibn E Mariyam Play & Pre School, an institution for specially-abled children. This is the first children’s institute to provide relief to parents who are worried about their specially-abled children by organizing physical exercise along with education and helping them with mental and physical development through therapy. Ibn E Mariyam Play & Pre School imparts both religious and school education. It is for the parents who believe that there is no cure for human suffering.
There are more than 17 schools in Kolkata that focus on the education and learning of special needs children, in which the ratio of Muslim and non-Muslim children is estimated at 1:10. But the sad part is that Muslim children don’t learn the basics of Islam in these schools.

Reyaz pointed out that Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School is the first child centric inclusive school in Topsia.
When asked about application process, fee structure and admission criteria, Reyaz said: “As of now, we have received 10 applications. For admission, parents can visit the Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School. They can also call 9833658622.
Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School is deaf, dump, dyslexia or especially abled children. Our main objective is to serve the society and nation building through quality education.”

He further added that the focus here is on developing independence in the children and academic skills come later.
The classes will help young children to learn according to their abilities and interests. Many curricular and co-curricular activities will be conducted to ensure social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the child.
It will cater to the need of children with Intellectual Challenge, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Impairment, etc.


Ibn-e-Mariyam is a safe, empathetic and supportive place for kids with a diverse range of learning needs, ASD, ADHD/ personal challenge. It has Autism Support Centre, Safe, Empathetic, Supportive community for Students with a Diverse range of learning needs, low student-to-educator ratio.
A unit of Maeeshat Academy under the management of Maeeshat Foundation / Playgroup, Nursery, Jr KG, Sr KG & Day Care / Beautiful Environment with Qualified Teachers / Comfortable and Child Friendly Ambience / Special Facilities for Special Children / Inclusive classroom / Activity Centre / CCTV Monitoring.

46 D, Shri Dhar Roy Road, Opp. Newton Day School, Near Crescent English School, Kustia, Kolkata – 700039


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