Kolkata flyover collapse ‘act of god’: Company official


Courtesy : ndtv

Kolkata : (IANS) A senior official of the infrastructure company that was in-charge of the construction of a Kolkata flyover, a portion of which collapsed on Thursday killing at least 14, described the incident as an “act of god.”

“This particular work was given to us by the government of Kolkata. 60 to 70 percent is already over. One girder missed and the second one fell. This is how the accident has taken place… it is nothing but god’s act,” K.P. Rao, a senior official of the Hyderabad-headquartered IVRCL group, told the media.

“So far in 27 years we have constructed number of bridges… this has never happened before. We in the management are also under shock,” he said.


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