Kolkata Election 2021: New body to have 21 Muslim members

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has a total of 144 seats. Registering a landslide victory, Trinamool Congress won 134 seats

Kolkata: The newly elected Kolkata Municipal Corporation )KMC) body will have a total of 21 Muslims members, as per the election result announced by the West Bengal Election Commission after counting of votes Tuesday.

Of the total 21 Muslim members who have won the 2021 Kolkata Civic Body elections polling for which was held on December 19, 18 are from Trinamool Congress Party (TMC), 02 Independents and 01 from the Congress Party.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has a total of 144 seats. Registering a landslide victory, Trinamool Congress won 134 seats. The BJP won 03 seats, Congress and Left won 02 seats each and the remaining 03 seats went to the Independent candidates.

Among the 02 Congress candidates who won the 2021 local body election and will become corporator, 01 (Wasim Ansari) is a Muslim. Wasim won from Ward No 137.

Similarly, among the 03 Independent Candidates who have won the 2021 KMC election, 02 – (Kaniz Ayesha and Rubina Naz) are Muslims. Rest 18 corporators have won the election on Trinamool Congress Party ticket. Among them is also Firhad Hakim – a minister in Mamata Banerji cabinet who was also the first Muslim Mayor of Kolkata.

Following is the complete list of Muslims (ward and party wise) who have won the 2021 Kolkata Municipal Election result of which was declared today.

1. Iqbal Ahmed (TMC/Ward No 29)

2. Mohammed Jasimuddin (TMC/Ward No 39)

3. Kaniz Ayesha (Independent/Ward No. 43)

4. Rehana Khatun (TMC/Ward No 44)

5. Amiurddin (TMC/Ward No 54)

6. Kisar Jamil (TMC/Ward No 60)

7. Manzar Iqbal (TMC/Ward No 61)

8. Sana Ahmed (TMC/Ward No 62)

9. Sammi Jahan Begum (TMC/Ward No 64)

10. Faiz Ahmed Khan (TMC/Ward No 66)

11. Nezamuddin Shams (TMC/Ward No 75)

12. Shamima Rehan Khan (TMC/Ward No 77)

13. Md Anwar Khan (TMC/Ward No 80)

14. Firhad Hakim (TMC/Ward No 82)

15. Shams Iqbal (TMC/Ward No 134)

16. Rubina Naz (Independent/Ward No. 135)

17. Shamsuzzaman Ansari (TMC/Ward No 136)

18. Wasim Ansari (Congress/Ward No 137)

19. Farida Parvin (TMC/Ward No 138)

20. Sk Mushtaq Ahmed (TMC/Ward No 139)

21. Abu Mohammed Tarik (TMC/Ward No 140)

Meanwhile, Outgoing mayor Firhad Hakim, who went to meet chief minister Mamata Banerjee after the results fuelling the speculation of becoming the mayor for the second time, told the reporters: “We should accept the mandate of the people. We also did opposition politics for 34 years but we never questioned the people. They defeated us and we accepted it with a whole heart.



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