Kerala Filmmaker Ali Akbar to Convert to Hinduism, Says have Lost Faith in Religion

NEW DELHI –  Kerala filmmaker Ali Akbar said he has lost faith in religion and will convert to Hinduism along with his wife.

Earlier in a video, Ali Akbar had expressed his contempt for those who reacted with smiling emoticons to posts about General Bipin Rawat’s death.

On Wednesday, he declared that he had lost faith in the religion. Now, he and his wife Lucyamma are set to become Hindus.

According to India Today, Akbar is now set to become Ramasimhan – the name he chose for himself. He said that Ramasimhan was a man who was killed when he stood close to his culture and therefore that name was appropriate for him.

Following disgraceful reactions to the news of the death of General Rawat, Ali Akbar deactivated his Facebook account. He was also affected by the fact that no religious leader called out such reactions and decided to convert.

He made his announcement through a new account. He also said that he would not force his daughters to change religion and that he would leave it to their choice.

Ali Akbar was the state committee member of the BJP and quit the position following disagreements with the party leadership.


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