Kejriwal government to make Delhi business-friendly

aapNew Delhi (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday announced that his government has formed an entrepreneurship council to seek suggestions on how to make the national capital business-friendly for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The council will be an advisory body and the emphasis is to promote small business enterprises at larger scale.

“We had promised in our election manifesto that we would make the national capital business friendly. Existing procedures have to be simplified, some new policies have to be made in this direction,” Kejriwal said.

The chief minister said that the council would comprise two kinds of people — business enterprises and angel investors.

“These businesses men know what problems their fraternity face while doing business in the national capital. Similarly, the angel investors deal with start-ups on every day basis and know what is required to do business in a friendly manner. The council will try to submit its report in three months,” he said.

The patron of the eight-member council is Delhi Industry Minister Satyendra Jain, while the chairman will be founder Sanjeev Bikhchandani.

Bikhchandani said the council would not only focus on IT-based start-ups.

“The idea behind this council is to nurture small business enterprises. It can be anyone, be it a street vendor or a shopkeeper. Our approach is about inclusive entrepreneurship. It is not just about technology start-ups by IITs or IIMs. These are also very important but our aim is to promote bottom-of-the-pyramid entrepreneurship,” Bikhchandani said.

Kejriwal clarified that the council members include businessmen from all sectors not just IT.

“We have a furniture trader, an automobile dealer and not just people from IT sector. Let the council submit its report in three months and then we will decide our next step,” he said.

He added that the Delhi government would seek all necessary help from the central government in this direction.


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