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“KART FOOD INDUSTRY is committed to provide safe and healthy Halal food”

Mr. Choong Kin Peng, the 48 year old General Manager (Operations) of Kart Food Industries Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneer employees of the company when it started its operations in 1988. A qualified ICSA by profession, he also holds a Business Administration Diploma from one of Malaysia’s reputable institute of higher learning, the Tunku Abdul Rahman College.

Choong Kin Peng experienced firsthand valuable experiences and knowledge under the different management structures and ownerships of the company since its inception. Being the most experienced and knowledgeable employee has made him an invaluable employee and the most suited to head the operations.

As someone in charge of the general operations of the business, he is also personally involved in overseeing the various certifications and achievements of the company. Under his direction, the company is poised to achieve its’ aspirations.

Kart Food was established in 1988 as a manufacturer and distributor of frozen authentic Malaysian snack food. “Kart” owed its name to the founder’s wife who is called Kartini, the lady behind the creation of Kart’s roti canai (a truly authentic Malaysian hand tossed layered flatbread) to what it is today.

Kart’s started its humble beginning as a home based industry. Today it is proudly a brand that is synonymous with high quality Halal “DELICIOUSLY CONVENIENT” food, a market leader in its category in Malaysia and several other countries in Europe and Asia.

Kart Food has a variety of product range, from frozen Roti Canai, Paratha, Steam Buns, Pizza and various finger-food snacks. Kart’s wide product range are processed and packed in hygienic environment in its 2 manufacturing plants in Shah Alam, Selangor and Kota Bharu, Kelantan, both plants complying to various standards and certification such as HACCP, ISO9001:2000 and EMS.

Kart’s product range has also been recognized for their superior product packaging and this has led them to be awarded with the Malaysia Good Design Mark 2003 by the Malaysian Design Council under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Malaysia.

The Products:

Kart’s Food manufactures and distributes Frozen Flatbread Roti, Hand-tossed Pizzas, Crispy Finger Foods with fillings, Buns with fillings through retail and wholesale outlets in the country and overseas.

International Markets:

Kart’s range of product is also available in Americas, South Africa, United Kingdom, European Unions, Middle East, East Asia and Australia.

Moving Forward:

Kart’s vision is to penetrate into more overseas’ market in the immediate future as well as cement its position as the market leader in the local authentic Malaysian ethnic food and fi nger food snacks.

Company Achievements

The Company can be proud of its achievements since its inception, and among those are:

• Halal certifi cation from JAKIM

• Best Brands from the BrandLaureate

• Industry Excellence Award 2003 (Special award for development of a Malaysian brand)

• Malaysian Good Design Mark 2003

• ISO 9001:2000

• HACCP & EMS certifi cation

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