Karnataka Congress Chief Vows to Repeal Anti-conversion Law if Voted to Power

Along with Anti-conversion bill, the law prohibiting cow slaughter will also be repealed, said Karnataka State Congress president D.K. Shivakumar.

BELAGAVI — Karnataka State Congress president D.K. Shivakumar on Thursday said that the proposed anti-conversion lawwill be repealed in 2023, after the party comes to power in the state.

“I am telling you on record, including Anti-conversion bill, the law prohibiting cow slaughter will also be repealed,” he said.

Shivakumar further stated that the BJP is under an illusion that they are in majority.

They have forgotten that while taking oath, they had pledged that they will not work for a single community, but will work for the whole society, he said.

Hindu farmers are in trouble after banning the cow slaughter in the state, he opined.

“People think, Muslims are affected by the banning of cow slaughter. But, the reality is Hindu farmers used to sell aged, unwanted cows and make some money. They were paid Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per cow. Now, they are in a difficult situation. No compensation is given to them,” Shivakumar explained.

“As a President of the Congress party, I am telling you all these laws will be repealed when the Congress comes to power in the upcoming 2023 Assembly elections. This Anti-conversion law will affect the investments in the state. How can you invite investors by passing and implementing such laws,” he questioned.

Shivakumar underlined that the Anti-conversion law will be opposed by the Congress party in Assembly and the bill will be defeated in the council, where the BJP does not have a majority.

Meanwhile, Shobha Karandlaje, Union Minister for State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare questioned why Congress is opposing Anti-conversion law in the state. “What is on your mind? Conversions should not happen in society. Let Hindus, Christians and Muslims practise their religions freely without any fears. Congress is indulging in vote bank politics. Conversions are made through ‘Love jihad’, this should not happen, he said.

Former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy said that the JD(S) opposes Anti-conversion law. He said, instead, backwards and poor people’s hands should be strengthened. 


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