Kamal rules out total prohibition, freebies in TN

Kamal Haasan's party Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM)Chennai : Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan’s party Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) does not believe in implementation of total prohibition as it would bring in more harm.

He said the party also does not believe in freebies.

“The question is whether the liquor shops should be spread out like this. We have to go in search of a post office but there is no need to search for a TASMAC (Tamil Nadu government liquor outlet). We have to change this situation,” Kamal said.

Kamal said this at a time when major opposition political parties in Tamil Nadu were demanding implementation of total ban on sale of liquor in the state.

In his final column in the Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan, Kamal on Thursday said it is not possible to make an entire society to dislike liquor.

Kamal said total prohibition would result in creation of a mafia which has been seen in the history of the world.

He said liquor drinking is not like gambling that could be stopped suddenly.

Kamal said human body would not agree to stop consumption of liquor suddenly. He said liquor consumption could be reduced but whether it could be stopped totally is doubtful.

Terming the introduction of prohibition and then lifting it as a game, that he does not understand, he added.

According to him, to attract women votes political parties play liquor prohibition card. Kamal said opening of liquor shops near schools is a game that is worrying him.

On freebies by government, Kamal said it will not work out whereas a permanent way has to be chalked out for the people’s livelihood.

On his party’s policy on education Kamal said the focus will be on providing good quality education to many than being satisfied with just educating more number of people.

He said the party has several plans to upgrade the quality of education provided in government schools.

Kamal also said his MNM party opposes the common entrance exam for medical college admission and also having education in the concurrent list in the Indian Constitution.

He said policies are different and implementing plans to achieve the policy are different.

Kamal said change of plan does not mean change in the party’s policy.

He said people’s welfare and Tamil Nadu’s prosperity are the broad policies of the MNM party and there will be several plans to achieve the same.

According to him, there are two groups — one in Harvard University and the other based locally — who would guide the party in terms of various plans.


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