Jeddah hospital owner ordered to pay SR43 million to Indian investor

JEDDAH – The Jeddah General Court has ordered the owner of a private hospital in the city to pay SR43 million to an Indian investor within five days for violating the agreement with the Indian national.

Sami Al-Ateeq, judge at the 6th executive circle, ordered the Jeddah police to force the Saudi man to pay the amount without any delay, failing which the hospital owner will face punitive measures in line with Articles 46, 83 and 88 of the  executive regulations.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette, Suleiman Al-Hunaini, legal consultant and lawyer of the petitioner, said that a raft of penal actions will be taken against the hospital owner in case he fails to abide by the order. These included a travel ban, detention until the verdict is implemented, suspension of his property authorization documents, making disclosure about his wealth equal to the amount involved in the verdict and attaching it, and making revelations about his licenses and registrations pertaining to commercial and professional activities.

Al-Hunaini said the executive regulations also direct government agencies not to make any transactions with the Saudi owner, besides attaching his financial assets and inform the judge about it, in addition to making disclosures about properties of the owner’s wife and children.

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