Pappu Yadav’s wife Ranjeet Ranjan, Congress in charge of Rajasthan, has played a crucial role in the amalgamation.

PATNA — The Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) in Bihar is likely to merge with the Congress in next few weeks, its top official has said.

Party chief Rajesh Ranjan, alias Pappu Yadav, has convened a meeting on December 16 and 17 to deliberate on all the aspects before the merger, the official said on Thursday.

“Our leader Pappu Yadav has already dissolved all committees and wings of the party on December 2 and the same was announced by state president Raghvendra Kushwaha. Dissolving the committees and wings was an indication of the merger. With this, no one would hold any post in the party and hence will not have the power to challenge the party chief’s decision,” he said.

Pappu Yadav is the only face of the party. Apart from him, no one is capable of pulling the crowd or delivering during the elections. Since contesting against bigger political forces like RJD, JDU and BJP in Bihar would be tough, hence, merging with the grand-old-party is a wise decision.

Earlier on Thursday, Congress leader Asit Nath Tiwari had also spoken about the merger.

According to sources, Pappu Yadav’s wife Ranjeet Ranjan– Congress in charge of Rajasthan– has played a crucial role in the amalgamation.

During the by-elections, she was the one who took Pappu Yadav to the dais of the Congress. Following that Pappu campaigned for Congress candidates in Kushsehwar Asthan and Tarapur along with Bhakt Charan Das, Kanhaiya Kumar and Madan Mohan Jha.

Pappu Yadav is treading on the path of Upendra Kushwaha who also tasted a very bitter defeat in the 2020 Assembly elections. His party Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) failed to win even a single seat. Kushwaha too lost his seat. After the defeat, he merged his party with Nitish Kumar-led Janata Dal United.

Pappu Yadav is also doing the same. His party was unable to open an account in 2020 Assembly election despite having an alliance with over half-a-dozen smaller political parties. Yadav had led the alliance which contested on all 243 seats but could not bag a single seat.