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Israel sets up cybersecurity center to protect railways

Israel RailwaysTel Aviv : Israel has developed a cybersecurity center to protect its railway system, media reports said on Sunday.

The security center is created by Rafael, an Israeli government-owned defence technology company, Xinhua reported, quoting local media reports.

The company will provide Israel Railways corporation with a cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) located in the city of Lod in central Israel.

The CSOC, worth $8.25 million, will be operated by Israel Railways’ cyber unit.

According to data of the country’s rail authorities, about 10 million attempts to penetrate the train network are blocked each month, including some aimed at collecting vital information, and inserting viruses and malware.

The CSOC will help monitor, control and protect the railway systems, as well as detect electronic penetration and attack attempts targeting the company.


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