ISIS alleged Operative in India hails from Azamgarh

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Mahmood Asim, Assistant Editor, Maeeshat News

New Delhi: Yet in another attempt to taint the image of Azamgarh District of Uttar Pradesh an alleged operative of ISIS in India describes himself from the same district on his Facebook Account. Salman FB ID also suggests that he passed out from Osmania University Hyderabad and Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. Later it was deleted or seems visible to only certain people.

To check the genuineness of the ID many concerns Muslims youth tried to trace the real account holder and his identity but in Vail. Later on they sheltered to lodge FIR against this alleged operative ID in Jamia Nagar Police Station and demanded immediate arrest of that man behind the ID. We also learn from other sources that this name has many accounts and posts such materials to support ISIS and their misdeed to astray Muslim youth. Latest yesterday post congratulate Muslims on the completion of one year of Khilafath and wish to strengthen it more in the days to come. Timeline photo bears a slogan that reads in Hindi “ek qaum ek awaz, ISIS zindabad” one community one voice, ISIS long live.

Three concern Muslim youth Sarwar Iqbal Khan, T M Zeyaul Haque and All India Tanzeem Insaf Convenor Ameeque Jamai   lodged FIR in Jamia Nagar police Station. Speaking to Maeeshat News Ameeque expresses his deep concern over the issue terming it an attempt to taint the image of Muslims specially those who hail from Azamgarh. “We are against any kind of extremism and we shall curb this phenomenon in our country and community as well” Jamai asserted. Adding to his comments he said “but these types of activities are being carried by agents of Sangh Parivar and Mosad to trap simple Muslim youth in the name of religion”.    “Now everybody knows that ISIS is serving the interest of Israel so what else we should know to get real identity of these sorts of fake IDs” Jamai concluded.

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