Indian professionals ‘most confident’ globally: Survey

indianprofessionalNew Delhi, (IANS) Indians have the highest confidence level in the world when it comes to talking about their achievements both online and in person, compared to professionals globally, reveals a survey.

The survey, Your Story @work, was conducted by a popular career-oriented platform LinkedIn, with a census of 11,228 adults in employment between May 6 to May 19 this year in Canada, US, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Britain, Ireland, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sweden, Mexico, France, Singapore, China and Japan.

The results show that the confidence level among Indians is 55 percent as compared to professionals globally which is 35 percent.

Conducted in 19 markets globally, the survey highlights the importance of sharing professional achievements and having a great online professional profile in an era where social recruiting is on the rise, read a statement.

In the area of recruitment, more than nine out of 10 (92 percent) of recruitment decision makers cited “clear communication of achievements” as one of the most important aspects they look for in candidates.

The confidence level among Indians turned out to be higher than professionals in Singapore (31 percent) and Australia (32 percent), and also the global average of 35 (percent).

In fact, 76 percent of them consider social professional networks as the best platform to express their professional successes.

Deepa Sapatnekar, head of communications, LinkedIn India and Hong Kong, said that “the job market in India continues to be very competitive, so it’s great to see that Indian professionals are confident about showcasing their achievements”.


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