Indian creative agency creates first halal cosmetics


Iba HalalMumbai, (IINA) – Cut The Crap (CTC), a Mumbai-based full-service creative agency, has undertaken a unique branding exercise for India’s first halal cosmetics brand, iba, Best Media Info reported.

The agency has been instrumental in creating and conceptualizing the entire brand identity, right from naming of the brand onwards, to packaging, design integration and communication for a category that has very low awareness in India.

Ecotrail Personal Care, a start-up by sisters Mauli and Grishma Teli, is the only company in India that makes halal cosmetics.

“The brief for the agency was to create a brand that would be progressive and non-preachy. Halal had to become consumers’ choice,” said Jagdish Acharya, founder-director, Cut the Crap.

For India’s very first halal cosmetics, CTC came up with the name iba. Iba in Arabic means sense and pride. That’s because halal makes sense as the right choice for scientific reasons. And there is pride in switching to a brand that stands for values like beauty without cruelty.

The logo motif of iba is a ‘flowering water droplet’. Water and cleaning are the fundamental beauty-care tenets of halal. The flowering droplet connotes beauty that blooms through cleansing.

While in India, halal popularly and immediately refers to meat, halal cosmetics are a global phenomenon and a rapidly evolving market worldwide. These products are certified by the halal board and do not contain pig-fat and other animal derived ingredients, harsh chemicals and alcohol. They are 100 per cent animal-cruelty free.

“iba Halal Care range is a new offering in personal care and cosmetics that addresses unmet needs of consumers. Jagdish and his team at CTC worked closely with research and client team to ensure that. I believe we have begun well,” added Chandan Nath, brand mentor and founder, ideas2brands.

CTC is currently working on creating the yang part of the brand – its male counterpart. This will anchor the men’s range of products, Halal deodorants and more.

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