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India moves to improve intellectual property regime


New Delhi: (IANS) India’s commerce ministry said on Monday that its department of industrial policy and planning (DIPP) has taken several steps for greater efficiency in processing of intellectual property rights applications to improve the IPR regime towards attracting foreign investment.

“Several measures have been taken to ensure continuous and unending improvement of the Indian IP ecosystem in the country,” the ministry said in a statement here.

“To this effect, the DIPP has formulated a multi-pronged strategy to develop an Intellectual Property regime in the country to promote creativity and to develop the culture of respect for innovations and creativity,” it said.

The DIPP has taken measures like creation of additional posts to reduce manpower shortage and providing fee concessions for small and medium industry to encourage them to innovate.

“An additional 1,033 plan posts have been created, including 666 posts for Patents and Designs and 367 posts for Trademarks and GI (geographical indicators) at various levels,” the statement said.

The IP office has been transformed to enhance efficiency in processing of applications, uniformity and consistency in  scrutinising applications, bilateral cooperation at the international level, and raising the awareness level of the public, it said.

Due to these  steps, online filing has jumped from under 30 percent to over 80 percent in  just a year, it said.

It also said online e-filing facilities for patent and trademark application were introduced this year, and e-filers are allowed to use debit and credit cards and internet banking to pay  fees.

“This year, e-filers were given the facility of using debit cards, credit cards and internet banking of over 70 banks for making payment of fees for all forms,” the ministry said.

“10 percent rebate on online filing of applications and documents has been introduced,” it added.

Till June 2015, 13,666 international applications designating India have been received at the Trademarks Registry, India, the statement said.

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