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IMRC’s Ramadan Feeding Program expands from 12 states


Hyderabad: Each Ramadan US-based Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) conducts a Ramadan Feeding Program in which the poor and needy are given food in grains and hot meals. IMRC’s reaches out to rural and slum areas hoping to distribute to as many impoverished families as possible so they can enjoy Ramadan with a meal for suhoor (meal at dawn time), iftaar (ritual of breaking fast in evening) and Eid.

While IMRC is responsible for raising money through its generous supporters, help from volunteers as well as crowd funding online, its Hyderabad sister organisation Sahayata Trust is responsible for the implementation of the program; it coordinates with several grass-root organisations across the country to reach out to the needy.

Manzoor Ghori, Executive Director of IMRC, said, “Last year alone IMRC provided 1.6 million meals in grains during Ramadan and distributed $30,000 worth of fitrah (charity) across 12 states of India. Alhamdulillah, this benefitted 12,000 families in over 100 villages,” adding,“this year’s goal is to provide 2 million meals in grains and to expand our program into Nepal’s earthquake-affected areas and Jammu and Kashmir’s flood- affected areas.”

IMRC’s programme extends beyond providing cooked meals and grains during Ramadan. It also provides the opportunity for children and adults to have a pair of new Eid clothes for a donation as low as $20 for an outfit.

Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) is a US based non-profit organization which began in 1981 and helps run several programmes throughout the country in partnership with over 100 organizations. It focuses on providing education, emergency relief, medical & legal aid, shelter and food for the needy. IMRC has been at the forefront of providing immediate relief to affected victims of the 2014 Kashmir Floods, 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, 2012 Assam riots, and other natural/man-made calamities.

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