Imran Khan Questions Modi Govt’s Silence on Genocide Call against Muslims


Pakistan PM urged the international community to take note and act; foreign ministry summons Indian diplomat to register protests


NEW DELHI – Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi government for its silence on the genocide calls against Muslims given by Hindu monks at the infamous Haridwar hate assembly in December. “The continuing silence of Modi govt….begs the question whether the BJP govt supports this call,” he said in a series of tweets while urging the international community to take note and act.

“The extremist agenda of the Modi govt is a real and present threat to peace in our region,” said Khan.

He accused the Modi Government of holding “extremist ideology” and alleged that “all religious minorities in India have been targeted with impunity by Hindutva groups”.

Earlier, Pakistan foreign ministry had summoned the Indian diplomat in Islamabad and registered its protests against hateful and violent speeches made at the Haridwar assembly.  The foreign office told the Indian side that hate speeches were viewed with grave concern by the civil society and a cross-section of people in the country.

During a three-day event was held in the Hindu holy city of Haridwar between December 17 to 19 Hindutva hate mongers appealed to the Hindu community to resort to organised violence against Muslims while calling on the Modi Government at the Centre to declare India a Hindu Rashta.

After public uproar over the incident, Haridwar Police filed a case and named five persons for making hate speeches but none have been arrested so far. On Monday, the Supreme Court of India agreed to hear a petition filed seeking criminal action against the speakers and the organisers of the hate event.

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