IDB, Tajikistan to collaborate in enhancing regional integration and export promotion

IDB, Tajikistan to collaborate in enhancing regional integration and export promotionDushanbe : The Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group and the Republic of Tajikistan will collaborate in enhancing regional integration, competitiveness of products and export promotion.

IDB President Dr. Bandar Hajjar and Prime Minister of Tajikistan Qohir Rasulzoda highlighted this during a bilateral discussion in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

According to Hajjar, the IDB and the Arab Coordination Group are working hard to support Tajikistan in regional integration by reviving the Silk Road and linking the country internally. He pointed out that ensuring easy access of goods and services, as well as the movement of people with neighboring countries is one of the objectives of IDB and the Arab Coordination Group.

“We need to expand our partnership, along with other multilateral institutions in order to assist our member countries. We can increase the competitiveness of Tajikistan by working with the private sector,” Hajjar stated.

“We are ready to sponsor a comprehensive study on the competiveness of Tajikistan. By doing so we can create more jobs and export commodities to other countries,” he added.

In his remarks, the prime minister of Tajikistan expressed his appreciation for the contribution of the IDB Group to Tajikistan. He said that Tajikistan is facing numerous challenges, and the contribution of institutions like the IDB would be vital in addressing those challenges.

“Tajikistan has come up with a National Development Plan (2030). The plan has key priorities in energy, connectivity and food security. We will work with our development partners to realize our development aspirations. I believe IDB is in a position to help us achieve our objectives.” Rasulzoda said, calling on IDB to increase its portfolio of projects in Tajikistan, particularly in energy, education, agriculture and transportation fields.



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