ICCI hold seminar on Importance of Entrepreneurship in Mumbai

ICCI National Expo and Summit, Big Idea Starup Challenge picks up force

Waqar Abbas Naqvi, CEO of Taurus Asset Management Limited addressing Imamia Chamber Seminar
Waqar Abbas Naqvi, CEO of Taurus Asset Management Limited addressing Imamia Chamber Seminar

Mumbai: A seminar on “Importance of Entrepreneurship and Facilitation Support by ICCI ” was held at Rizvi College of Arts and Commerce in Bandra , Mumbai on 20th June 2015, the Iftar and Seminar was composed by Maharashtra Chapter of Imamia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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The seminar, tended to by famous speakers from Medical, Financial, TradeFairs IT and ITES and Education segment highlighted the predicament of Shia community in the enterprise region and how ICCI is deicated to backing the community with mentorship, education and systems administration for sprouting community business people.

An one-year working of ICCI was additionally played through an Audio Visual to advise the participants with the exercises of ICCI.

Waqar Abbas, CEO of Taurus Asset Management Limited, while talking on the theme said, ” The enterprise is the best choice for an individual or community to meet its social and monetary goals. Waqar further said, “The monetary opportunity can just understand all issues that an individual or a group faces. He said that despite the fact that he was not a business owner himself, the organization he is running has given him all opportunity to make him feel the honor.

Dr. Mubarak Naqvi, the Senior Director at Sanofi India Limited and Member National Executive of ICCI gave inside and out data on the course and its target before uncovering the points of interest of upcoming National Summit on Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment planned to be held in New Delhi between 25, 26 July 2015.

Mubarak encouraged participants to attend the national summit, the two day summit will simultaneously hold an Expo and Grand Finale of “Big Idea Startup Challenge”, a national title by ICCI for business aspirants people who have the thought of business, however, no backing to support and execute their Business Ideas.

Ahmed Aftab, CEO and India Managing Director of Gozoop , the biggest digital marketing agency  of the nation during in his presentation highlighted his own business travel and welcomed kindred group individuals to present their Business Ideas in “Big Idea  Startup Challenge”.

Aftab’s presentation said” There is no age farthest point to start your business”, any one whenever can consider Being an Entrepreneur and ICCI completely support such entrepreneurs.

Aftab shared how he  imparted his startup venture , starting from a 10×10 ft shop to being the biggest digital marketing agency of the nation.

M Q Syed, Executive President at ICCI welcomed attendees and encouraged them to to go to the E-3 Expo and Summit.

Syed informed that ICCI so far has organized 11 state level seminars addressed by 60 eminent speakers and attended by more than 2500 individuals throughout one year.

Syed further educated ” ICCI in one year of its presence helped Fifty-two community startup shape their businesses with mentorship, monetary bolster and lead generation “.

Syed said” ICCI has reached to a membership base of 5000 in only one year of it’s formation.

Dr. M Z Farooqui, the Guest of Honor of the night, also the Principal at Rizvi College of Arts and Commerce, while sharing his contemplations on the subject uncovered how Rizvi College had been able to lead it’s position.

Dr. Farooqui urged the participants to start entrepreneurship and help the development of the country and community.

Dr. Farooqui also gave out detailed inputs on the plight of Imamia Community in today’s India and reiterated his individual and organizational support for ICCI

In spite of the fact that, the participation at event was poor because of substantial rains in Mumbai, the participants delighted in all of minutes with thought pioneers sharing their experience and emphasizing backing to meet targets of ICCI.

Noticeable community leaders who participated in the event included names of Javed Rizvi, Razi Rizvi ,Architect Zainul Raza, Afzal Dawoodani, Qazi Hussien Ahmad,Imran Rizvi , Shabib Zaidi, and Joan Rizvi alongside numerous yearning business people.

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