Ibn E Mariyam Play and Preschool concludes an exciting two-day summer camp

Kolkata, 16th May 2024: Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School, which started imparting education to children in April this year, organized its first summer camp on May 11, 2024. More than 50 children from different age groups participated in the two-day camp, which concluded on Sunday, offering
children a wide array of activities designed to promote their overall development and create memorable experiences.
The camp, held at Ibn E Mariyam Play and Pre School, an initiative of Maeeshat Academy and Kolkata’s first inclusive school for children situated at 46, D-Shri Dhar Roy Road, had animal walks, colour identification activity, non-fire cooking, clay pot painting, and physical activity.
As the event drew to a close, tokens of appreciation and certificates were awarded to all participants, acknowledging their enthusiasm and dedication throughout the camp.

Referring to the parents, Danish Reyaz, director of Maeeshat Academy, said: “Today, the situation is changing. The overall development (mental, physical, and psychological) of children is very important. In this era, parents (who have children) are worried that their children might not be affected by the present situation. At the same time, couples who don’t have children are worried. They wonder if there is a medical reason or some other reason. At this time, when different diseases are making life difficult, it is our responsibility to take care of the health of our children. Keep an eye on the fact that proper nutrition is being given to the children. They should eat proper food and get good sleep. Apart from this, they should ensure that their children receive the best education. Ibn E Mariyam has been established to ensure that we should give our children a proper education at an early age so that they become human beings. They should be mentally, physically, and spiritually fit.”



Nazia Parveen, head of the department of Ibn E Mariyam, said, “We are conducting these activities because children waste their time during summer vacation. Their time can be utilized by learning through these activities. Different schools, NGOs, and societies conduct summer camps. Through our summer camp, we ensured that children become mentally, physically, and spiritually fit.”
“It was an awesome summer camp. My son, Ata Waris, enjoyed it a lot. He is very happy after playing games and activities,” said Ruhi, a parent.
Kainaat, another parent, said, “I will give Ibn E Mariyam’s summer camp 5 out of 5.”
“It (summer camp) was awesome my children are very happy. They want to go again. They enjoyed the activities, ” said Nazia Reza, another parent.
“My son Md Zohaib Ali participated at the summer camp. It was a good decision for us to enroll his name in this activity. He engaged his weekend in a productive task which not only improved him physically but also psychologically. After returning from the camp, he excitedly told us about the different activities he was engaged in which included little exercises, races, hand painting, pot painting and sandwich making. He also talked with his mates and at the end he was handed over with the participation certificate which would be a lifelong memory, ” said Md Jahangir Ali, a guardian.


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