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Hyderabadi Haleem: Much more than a food delicacy!

By Syed Khaled Shahbaaz, TwoCircles.net,

Hyderabad: With the first sighting of the crescent moon that marks the commencement of the Islamic month of Ramadan, Pista House eateries is all set to dish out tonnes of scrumptious Haleem everday until Eid.

Five master kitchens and many smaller kitchens have been readied and stocked with firewood, loads of aromatic spices and refined wheat to ensure supply meets the burgeoning demand from local and non-local customers.

M.A.Majeed, MD of Pista, with his sons showcasing Pista House Haleem containers and streamers during a press conference in Hyderabad on Friday afternoon.
Mr. M.A.Majeed, Managing Director of Pista, the largest Haleem seller in the world with his sons showcasing Pista House Haleem containers and streamers during a Press Conference in Hyderabad this afternoon.
Meticulously cooked for 12 hours on firewood, Haleem is a concoction of wheat and finely pounded meat cooked with aromatic spices. A sprinkle of lemon with dry fruits, coriander leaves and fried onion is added as garnish before serving it hot.

To cater the ever-growing demand, the world-famous Pista House Haleem will be available from 200 outlets across the city. Furthermore, respecting the convenience of non-local gourmets, Pista House also provides canned Haleem, with certified shelf storage of 15 days, over courier and postal channels to various cities and states across India. In fact, Pista House has set up its exclusive kitchens in Vijaywada and Bangalore too.

With nearly 6000 stores supplying Haleem during Ramadan, Hyderabadi Haleem is not just a Ramzan delicacy but over a 100-crore business delight.

Pista House, which offers both Dine in and Take Away services has thrived significantly to take the rich culinary taste of Hyderabadi cuisine at the international frontier.

Although an exquisitely popular Hyderabadi delicacy, Pista House Haleem, to the delight of its overseas customers and NRIs, is also available in the United States and United Kingdom. Haleem is also transported to other countries via air routes. In a distinct honour, passengers will also be able to relish the deluging taste of Haleem at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport or after they board the flight.

Consumers can also book Haleem from their mobile phones by sending an SMS to 55432. Home deliveries are also available. Pista House Haleem is available in various capacities including 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packs.

To book Haleem online, users can log on to www.pistahouse.in or www.gati.com. An exquisite Hyderabadi delicacy, Hyderabadi Haleem has garnered international fame by becoming the first non-veg recipe to be accorded the GI status by the government.

Mr. Majeed, Pista House Managing Director and President of Haleem Makers Association who scrutinizes every little ingredient before it’s readied for cooking said that for any other Haleem maker to brand its Haleem as Hyderabadi Haleem, it has to meet the stringent requirements and standards benchmarked by Pista House.

(The writer is techie-turned-journalist based in Hyderabad, India and can be reached atsyedkhaledshahbaaz@gmail.com )

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