Hitachi to launch machineroom-less elevator

HitachiNew Delhi, (IANS) : Japanese multinational conglomerate Hitachi and Hitachi Building Systems on Monday announced the launch of a new machineroom-less elevator for Asia and the Middle East on September 30.

Developed in Japan, the new elevator model offers uniform basic specifications to meet the different standards of each country and respond flexibly and quickly to the needs of customers.

Machineroom-less elevators are designed to have no machine room where a traction machine, a control board and other lifting components are normally installed.

Instead, these components are housed inside the hoistway.

The new elevator employs high-precision electronic safety technology with a new microcomputer control system, resulting in an even higher level of safety.

The model uses LED lights in the car (capsule), helping to reduce the lighting power to levels lower than conventional models with fluorescent lights.

In addition, the traction mechanism acts as a power generator to transmit power back to the electrical network in the building.

An ion generator installed on the car supplies ions with a deodorising effect, helping keep the air in the car clean.


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