Henley Passport Index 2022: Japan-Singapore top list, India at 83rd


Henley Passport Index released the rankings for the year 2022, based on exclusive data provided by the International Air Transport Association

New Delhi: The Indian passport now ranks at 83rd position on the Henley Passport Index, climbing seven places from the 90th rank last year, the London-based global citizenship and residence advisory firm, said.

Henley Passport Index released the rankings for the year 2022, based on exclusive data provided by the International Air Transport Association.

As per the report, Japan and Singapore top the list of being the most powerful passports in the world for the year 2022. The visa-free score of both countries is at 192.

Other top rankers

South Korea is tied with Germany in second place (with a score of 190) and Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain are all together in third place (with a score of 189), the report said.

EU countries dominate the top of the list as usual, with France, Netherlands and Sweden climbing one spot to join Austria and Denmark in fourth place (with a score of 188). Ireland and Portugal are in fifth place (with a score of 187).

The US and the United Kingdom, which held the top spot together back in 2014, have regained a little ground.

Afghanistan (rank 111) and Iraq (rank 110) continue to be in the ‘worst passports to hold’ category having a visa-free score of 26 and 28 respectively.

Pakistan’s passport is 4th among the worst or least powerful passports. It ranks 108 in the Global Ranking of Passports.

Passport Index of other OIC states

In the Middle East, UAE is the top rank holder at the 15th position. Among other GCC states, Qatar has been ranked 53 with a score of 9, Kuwait has ranked 54 with a score of 95, Bahrain has ranked 62 with a score of 84, Oman has ranked 64 with a score of 80, Saudi Arabia has ranked 65 with a score of 79 and Jordan has ranked 91 with a score of 52.

Brunei is the othe Muslim state with an impressive passport ranking of 22.

Turkey, Egypt and Iran have respectively ranked 50, 91 and 101.

Among other OIC states, Malaysia had been ranked 12th with a score of 179, Indonesia has been ranked 72, Tunisia 72 and Madlives 58.

The index includes 199 different passports and 227 different destinations.

Updated quarterly, the Henley Passport Index is considered the standard reference tool for the global citizen and sovereign states for assessing passport rank on the global mobility spectrum.

It is the only passport index that is based on IATA data, enhanced by extensive in-house research, supported by expert commentary, and updated regularly throughout the year, making it the most robust, credible, and reliable index of its kind.


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