Hamdard Students demand for basic facilities


agitate against fee hike and hostel evacuation

By Mahmood Asim, Assistant Editor Maeeshat News

New Delhi: Suffering from several issues including allotment of hostels and fee hike students of Deemed University in New Delhi Jamia Hamdard raged out against the authorities of the University. Students from Medicine faculty, science faculty and pharmacy students joined the hand in their common issues and gathered in front of Vice Chancellor Office in the campus. They were shouting slogans to reduce fee and withdraw the order to vacate the hostels even before completion of the course.

According the sources in student Community University Authority issued an order to vacate Al Biruny UG Boys hostel till 15th May 2015 but students agitate citing the excuse that even before the completion of the course how can one vacate the hostel and then where he will live. Students alleged the authority saying that they already cut the boys hostel to allot the girls and now they planned to evacuate hostel from boys and even in next session hostel will not be allotted to them.

Press Correspondents at Press Club, New Delhi
Press Correspondents at Press Club, New Delhi

In an attempt to get heard and to achieve their demands Jamia Hamdard students intensify their struggle by forming an organization to get united and conducting press conference to be more audible at press club of India in New Delhi.

Jamia Hamdard students organize a platform of ‘Hamdard Students’ Democratic Forum’ (HSDF) with the help of another students political party All India Students Federation (AISF) working for students rights in several Indian universities including Jawaharlal Nehru University. They also get support from Aligarh Muslim University students union.

In a press conference called by HSDF at press club of India on 4th of May representative of AISF and AMU Students union president were present to join hands of Hamdard students in their struggles.

Speaking in press conference Rahila Parveen of AISF criticized university authorities for curtailing students’ rights in the campus terming it ‘curtailing of leadership’.

Abdullah Azzam of AMU expressed his full solidarity with Hamdard students saying that “it is to suppress students voice and we won’t let it happen, it is also to reclaim Hakim sahib’ dream”. Adding to his comments Azzam said “we support this because of two clear reasons: it is attempt to suppress students leadership and also because Hamdard is a property of community not of any individual”. He also appealed community leadership and Muslim organizations to raise their voices and put forward their stands.

Kunal Suman, Delhi president of AISF also lamented Hamdard authorities for their atrocities and authoritarian behavior towards students. Pointing out the root cause Kunal said that “privatization and commercialization of education is the main cause behind all these atrocities and to counter it we must united”.

Faheem Ahmad of HSDF gave a detailed picture of all problems faced by Hamdard students insuring repeatedly that “we are not against our VC and Registrar; we compel to organize this conference because you don’t bother to even meet us”.

Mufti Iftekhar Ahmad, president of HSDF also expressed his deep concern regarding problems faced by students in Hamdard. “Instead of becoming ‘Hamdard’ i.e. sympathizer of poor our university is now moving in opposite direction with many times fee hike”. Iftekhar stated. “We compel to agitate just reclaim dream of Hakim sahib our founder”. Ahmad said.

Iftekhar appeals HRD Minster to look into the matter and at the same time he also begs for media attention to get heard.

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