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By Saif Alam Siddiqui

In the above paragraphs we saw the importance of Halal food and the criteria for Halal food. For every Muslim it is obligation to devour Halal food, so they only prefer to have the products, if they are sure about its Halal status. Creating a Halal system will not only fulfil the religious criteria but will also beneficial in terms of business.

  • From a religious point of view – an obligation that should be fulfilled by every Muslim
  • From a business point of view – a good business opportunity at a global or international level


Halal means permissible. The foods which are permissible by Shariah are called Halal foods. It has religious belief and faith. The Halal foods also qualify the criteria of Thoyyiaban means good. The features of Thoyyib food are given below and it is also the necessary requirement for any food industry. The food products of any food industry are checked on these parameters. It means if the food is Halal it will obviously qualify these criteria since these are also the main requirements for a food to be Halal. If any company produces and sells Halal food it will qualify both the criteria ie Hygienic and Halal (permissible).

  • Good and Wholesome
  • High in quality
  • Safety ensured (microbiologically safe, free from chemical and physical hazards)
  • Hygienic and clean
  • Nutritious
  • Authentic (in its claims)
  • Organic (in sync with its natural environment)


  • Good animal welfare – Animals can be feed by good and hygienic methodology to get higher yield.
  • Good feed and feeding method – Nutritious food should be given to animals to fulfil higher expectation.
  • Good environmental management – proper environmental condition should be maintained
  • Transportation management – there should be appropriate logistic facility to ease the transportation of cattle.
  • Handling at abattoir – abattoir or Slaughterhouses a facility where animals are killed for consumption as food products. It should be properly maintained to avoid unhygienic condition.
  • Good facilities and welfare

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