Halagel getting good response from E-Commerce Market


Halagel was incorporated in August 1997. It is a sole importer and distributor for Halal Food and Pharmaceuticals Grade Gelatine and Halal Empty Hard Gelatine Capsules for Malaysia and South Asia markets. Today the company is a leading brand of Halal gelatine ingredients for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Malaysia.

The key personnel of Halagel (M) Sdn Bhd are its Chairman, Dato’ Seri Talaat Bin Hussein and the man with the responsibility to drive the company forward and be what it is today, Encik Mohamad Yakob Bin Munshi Deen, the Managing Director.

The incorporation of the company was to meet the growing needs of the Muslim market for halal healthcare products. The huge population of Muslims globally has led to the pressing need to ensure food production worldwide meets the stringent halal requirements. More than 50% of the total world production of gelatine is widely used in the manufacture of foods.

The company has made as its mission – To Provide Halal Alternative Products Worldwide in line with its vision of becoming a household name for halal products.

Halagel has now broadened its business activities from trading to distributing and manufacturing Halal alternative products under the Halagel brand through its subsidiary companies, namely:

1. Halagel Distributor Sdn. Bhd – distributor for Halagel Consumer products

2. Halagel Plant (M) Sdn Bhd – manufacturing of Halal Empty Hard Gelatine Capsule and Halal Softgel Nutraceutical.

3. Halagel Products Sdn Bhd – manufacturing of Herbal Toothpaste and packaging of Edible Rock Salt, Premix Coffee, Gelatin, Vitamin C and etc.

The Products:

The company’s products are categorised into:

Consumer products ~ Toothpaste, Goji Coffee, Gummy Candy, Edible Rock Salt.

Nutraceutical products ~ Virgin Coconut Oil, Habbatus Sauda Oil, Omega 3 Fish Oil.

Body & Healthcare products.

Industrial products ~ Edible gelatine, Empty Hard Gelatine Capsules, Vegecaps.

International Markets:

Today, Halagel supplies and distributes Halal gelatine for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers not only in Malaysia but also abroad.

Besides the conventional method of trading and distribution, the company is moving with times and has now embarked into E-Commerce where its products can be purchased on-line. In this respect, it can be said that the world is its market! However, to maintain control and prevent abuse, the company sets certain conditions for such purchases and is starting with accepting orders from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK and Turkey but below 3 kg.

Moving Forward:

The company is continually looking to expand its range of product line, especially to the consumer market. To this effect, one of its aspiration is to produce its own brand of bottled drinking waterbottle and distribute drinking water (expand product line)

Company Achievements:

A notable achievement of the company was being appointed by the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector, a subsidiary of the Islamic Development Bank, as their advisor for a gelatine and capsule plant in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Halagel was also recently awarded with the Halal Champion Award initiated by the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) besides scoring a 4 Star rating under the SME Competitive Rating for Enhancement (SCORE) organised by Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) and SMECorp. The awards were given based on the company’s performance in 2009.

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