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mumbra horoes trophyAlso a special issue on ‘Mumbra: A town of opportunities

This documentary issue will comprise of stories on economy, business, industry, politics, culture and stories from all walks of life’, assures the management

Mumbra : “Mumbra, a Muslim majority area, has developed into a town which has its own significant identity. While it was marred with continuous bad news in the past, it did not hold back and grew into a promising area which developed economically, politically and socially in recent years. It also managed to break the shackles of old tags. We would like to do in-depth stories on how it grew from ‘rags to riches’.” Says Danish Reyaz, Managing Director of Maeeshat Media Pvt. Ltd.

He said, “In last one and half decades, it was accepted as ‘abode of peace’, the educated population is migrating here, while small business individuals consider it ‘an affordable business platform’, yet, traditional seers and intellectuals could ‘not changes its thinking pattern’ nor did they try to ‘revive’ it.

This issue is aimed at documenting the old ethos of Mumbra- Kausa, while looking into its prospect for future.” He further said, “Maeeshat brought out many valuable publications in the past that not only helped encouraging new and small businesses to grow but also created a strategy to the top. Now, Maeeshat is blazing all its guns to bring a desirable issue on Mumbra.” Talking about the cover title of the issue, he said, “The tentative cover title of the issue is ‘Mumbra : from ship-making to Muslim majority area’. Either Umar Masjid of Wafa Park or Darul Falah will feature on its cover page; things will be finalized after discussion with the creative team.”

He said that the issue will also have interviews of local MLA, MP and other dignitaries.

The issue will comprise of following segments:

  • Introduction and overview of small businesses of Kausa and Mumbra
  • Government and non-government organizations
  • Educational centers : An overview of school, colleges and classes
  • What is the actual population of Mumbra : Views of government and private agencies
  • Literary activities of Mumbra : past, present and future
  • Journalists of Mumbra / Shining stars of Mumbra
  • History of Mumbra’s mosques and other historical places / Recreational spaces
  • Report on NRIs of Mumbra
  • Changing geographical spaces of Mumbra : Builder, Architecture etc
  • Corporators of Mumbra : Services and other significant work
  • Religious Scholars and their services to the area
  • Famous housing societies and colonies
  • Economy of Mumbra : Past and present
  • Marriages and other cultures of Mumbra : famous dishes of marriage and all
  • Gulab Park market : A budding business hub, a budding market

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