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Global Investors Summit begins at Indore, 4,000 investors participating

Union Minister for Finance Arun Jaitley addressing the inaugural session of Global Investors Summit at Indore. (Photo;Maeeshat)
Union Minister for Finance Arun Jaitley addressing the inaugural session of Global Investors Summit at Indore. (Photo;Maeeshat)

By Pervez Bari for Maeeshat

Indore:(Maeeshat News)  Union Minister for Finance Arun Jaitley said that importance of supply chain will reflect in country’s economy after implementation of GST and Madhya Pradesh will become supply hub due to its better geographical location. Investors should invest in Madhya Pradesh keeping this in mind.

Jaitley was addressing the inaugural session of the Global Investors Summit-2016 at Indore, the financial capital of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. Around 4,000 investors of 42 countries and their representatives are taking part in the summit. Ambassadors and representatives of investors of U.K., South Korea, Japan, U.A.E. and Singapore are also taking part in the summit.

Jaitley said that the atmosphere has become good in the country for investment. Investment has gained pace in the public sector. In the same pace investors should invest in the private sector too. Investors will have good experience through investment in Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, Madhya Pradesh has become example of progressing state by transforming its historical geographical loss into its strength. Madhya Pradesh was among the backward states because of its roads, electricity and water thirteen years ago and was known as Bimaru State. The state government in the leadership of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has worked excellently in the field of infrastructure development. Today roads are good and state has become surplus power state. There are good irrigation facilities for the farmers. The state government has utilized the resources to make people economically strengthened. The agriculture growth rate of Madhya Pradesh is above 20 percent continuously and it has increased purchasing capacity of the people. Improvement in agriculture economic system and increase in purchasing capacity of people has affected positively in the state’s economic condition. Madhya Pradesh is now in a position to play an important role in the economy of the country.

Federal Minister Jaitley mentioned that the state government is focused on development of urban infrastructure, skill development, education and health sectors. There is conducive atmosphere for investment in the country. Better atmosphere has surfaced after the political change at the centre. Fall in crude oil prices at global level has also contributed positively in the economy of the country. Inflation will come down. Recession has affected many countries. This opportunity has come as a challenge to the country. Madhya Pradesh has emerged as a state where leadership has successfully realized its hope. Congratulating Chief Minister Chouhan, Jaitley said that his strong will power and clear road map has made Madhya Pradesh achieved great heights.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the motto of Global investors summit is not only business summit. GIS has 4 Gs. Goodwill means Trust, Growth means Assimilation of Development, Guarantee and Good Governance. He said that 175 units have started its operation in the field of food processing in the last two years. In renewable energy sector, 92 units have started functioning. Industrial units worth Rs.2.75 lakh crore have been established during the last two years in the state. Highlighting features of Madhya Pradesh, he said that Madhya Pradesh has become utmost industrial friendly state. Investment policies have been made for each sector and machinery has been established to effectively eradicate the problems. He further mentioned that a land bank holding 1.25 lakh thousand hectare land has been established in the state for industry.

Underlining the favourable conditions of investment in the state, Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh has industrial peace and there is no loss of human days. Trained man power is available in the state. There is single table system in place of single window system. All the government services required by the industry have been brought under the Public Service Guarantee Act. Around 300 services have been brought under this. He said that Madhya Pradesh is among the top five states of the country which has made business easy. He said that whatever investment were made in the last two years have started production. The state government has also sanctioned online proposal. He urged the investors to keep special focus on Madhya Pradesh while making investment proposals. He said that 2000 investors have presented investment proposals worth above Rs.10 thousand crore during this summit.

Madhya Pradesh is Industrial Friendly State Now

Union Minister for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Narendra Tomar said that credit for the success of the summit goes to charismatic leadership of CM Chouhan. He said that investors had never thought of investment in Madhya Pradesh before year 2003. Today Madhya Pradesh has become industrial friendly state. Reason being hard work of CM Chouhan, which is clearly visible now. Remarkable progress has been made in the field of agriculture. Landscape has changed totally in the rural area. He further mentioned that Chouhan is completing 11 years of his successful tenure. Madhya Pradesh will move forward further in his leadership. Madhya Pradesh will be benefited by one country and one tax.

M.P. has become Standard for Good Governance

Federal Minister for Communication, Information Technology and Law and Justice Ravishankar Prasad said that under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and efforts of Team India, country is progressing in various sectors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the Captain of Team India for Industrial investment sector and opening batsman is CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. All round development has taken place in the leadership of Chouhan during the last 11 years in M.P. Development works have not only been undertaken in the fields of irrigation, agriculture, electricity, horticulture and infrastructure but immense works have been carried out in the field of information and technology also. Madhya Pradesh has set standard for good governance.

Patanjali to Invest in Textile sector

Chief of Patanjali Pvt. Ltd. Yogaguru Baba Ramdev said that economic growth rate of India and Madhya Pradesh is satisfactory where there is recession in large economies like U.K. and U.S. He further said that the growth rate of Patanjali will increase to 200 percent in the next two years. We wish to benefit Madhya Pradesh with this. Describing himself as a global citizen said that now Patanjali will save medical expenses of the people. He informed that Patanjali is planning to invest immensely in textile sector. Farmers’ income will increase by 10,000 crore by Patanjali’s investment in the next two years. Ten thousand farmers will be benefited. He said that Patanjali’s investment is for service not for profit. Referring to the sale of Chinese products worth Rs.4 lakh crore in India, he said that India has capacity to export goods worth Rs.25 lakh crore. Terming Chouhan as Monk, Ramdev said that he always thinks big, talk straight. Madhya Pradesh has now economic and conceptual prosperity.

Chief Secretary Antony De sa gave presentation on industrial scenario of the state. He informed that investment worth Rs. 2.71 lakh crore i.e. 41 billion dollars in actual has come to the state in the last two years beside investment in micro, small and medium industries. Madhya Pradesh has achieved 5th  position under the Ease of Doing Business in the year 2015. Krishi Karman Samman has been conferred to the state continuously. Welcome Speech was given by the Principal Secretary Commerce and Industry Mohammad Suleman and Vote of thanks was proposed by Director General of CII Charanjeet Banerjee.

CM Chouhan Deliberates with U.A.E. Delegation     

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan met delegation of U.A.E. and held primary discussions about the proposed investment by the U.A,E. in Madhya Pradesh.

Delegation of U.A.E. reportedly told CM Chouhan during the discussions that there is a wide scope of investment in Madhya Pradesh. We wish to invest in the state as a partner country of the summit. Delegation of U.A.E. will conduct tour of the state shortly to assess and explore the possibility of investment.

The delegation of U.A.E. liked the environment of Madhya Pradesh and Indore. He discussed about this with Chouhan. U.A.E. delegation also held discussions on geographical and mineral resources of Madhya Pradesh.

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