By Pervez Bari

BHOPAL – The Institute of Objective Studies, (IOS), Centre for Gender Studies, Kerala Chapter, organized a Summer School- 2024 from May 11 to 15, 2024, at its seminar hall at Kozhikode, Kerala. The five-day camp was aimed to enhance the awareness and foresight of young participants on contemporary issues through a series of educational and cultural activities.

According to a Press Release issued by IOS imparting basic but deep knowledge to the university students pursuing professional disciplines like Graduations and Masters in business studies, science, computer science, engineering and medicine etc.

“It was also an outreach programme in that we want to introduce the IOS, to a new and larger audience, particularly the students who are future leaders in medical science, technology and business studies. These students are a very bright section of the young generation with the potentials to become leaders and decision-makers in their respective fields. It is, therefore, very necessary to acquaint them with the fundamental teachings of Islam as well as the great role that Islam played in the making of global human civilization, the release said.

Objectives of Summer School programme

The objectives of the Summer School programme were as follows: To equip the target students with basic and deep knowledge about Islam as faith and source of global Islamic civilization; To educate about the Islamic worldview and how Islamic Sciences, Quran, Hadith and Fiqh developed; To enable students understand and analyze the Muslim contribution to world human civilization and how Islamic intellectual renaissance is possible & To prepare students how to cope with the challenges of modernity and westernization from an Islamic perspective.

Besides, it was aimed at equipping students with the Islamic knowledge to live and succeed in the globalized world as follower and torch-bearer of Islam.

The Summer School was inaugurated by Jamal Kochangadi, a respected senior media personality and writer. His inspiring address set the tone for a week of intense learning and personal development.

Daily Activities and Sessions

Each day of the Summer School was structured to provide a rich blend of academic sessions, cultural programs, and personal development activities. The feedbacks were written down and discussed daily, ensuring continuous improvement and participant satisfaction.

The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including:- Stress Management; Communication Skills; Quran: Contemporary Issues and Challenges; Design Thinking; Mappila Songs and Aesthetic Pursuits; Interpersonal Skills; Sufi Aesthetics and Islam; Quran: Introduction to Chapters, Text, Context and Message; Media Democracy and Contemporary Challenges; Art and Literature in Islam; The Art of Compassion; Campus Life; Islamophobia: The Menace and the Matrix; Gender Discourses and Islam; The Value of Knowledge; Feminine Identity and Islam; History, Historiography, and Resistance & Religion in the Age of Contemporary Challenges.

Senior journalists and scholars who delivered their lectures and conducted the sessions included: C. Dawood, NP Chekutty, Nishad Rauthar, Dr. PK Poker, Baburaj Bhagwati, PT Kunhali, AK Abdul Majeed, Dr. AI Vilayatullah, Khalid Musa Nad V, Dr. Ashraf Kalpetta, Dr. Jameel Ahmad, Dr. Anas, Shihabuddin Ibn Hamza, Shifa M, Zuhair Ali etc.

Cultural Programs and Break Activities

Each day had vibrant cultural programmes that highlighted the rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions within the Islamic context. The Hazrat Ayesha Research Library provided beautifully prepared books, making the break times both enjoyable and educational.

A notable feature of the Summer School was the emphasis on personal development. Participants were encouraged to engage in reel-making projects based on various topics, fostering creativity and practical application of the knowledge gained.

The Summer School culminated with the award and closing ceremony and celebrating the achievements and participation of the students. The camp succeeded in its objective to provide comprehensive exposure to Islamic, social, and cultural topics, significantly contributing to the personal and intellectual growth of the students.

Feedback and Outcomes

Most students expressed full satisfaction with the camp, particularly appreciating the exposure to unfamiliar topics and the holistic approach to learning. The camp’s success underscores the importance of such initiatives in developing well-rounded, aware, and foresighted individuals.

The IOS Centre for Gender Studies, Kerala Chapter’s Summer School 2024 was a resounding success, providing invaluable insights and experiences to its participants. By integrating academic rigour with cultural enrichment and personal development, the camp significantly contributed to the participants’ growth and understanding of contemporary issues within an Islamic framework.