France to welcome 400 refugees per month from Greece

francerefugeeParis (IANS)France pledged to take in 400 refugees per month from Greece, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced on Thursday.

In a statement, Cazeneuve added that 97 refugees arrived this week from Greece and Italy. An additional 253 asylum seekers are due to come next week, Xinhua reported.

The French minister also reiterated determination to honour commitment to help handling migration crisis.

France promises to receive 30,000 refugees over the next two years.

Last September, European leaders agreed on the EU proposal to redistribute 160,000 refugees across European states in order to help struggling Greece to cope with chaotic flows of migrants at its doors.

Escalating wars in Syria and Iraq, adding to persistent political instability in many African countries and in the Middle East, forced millions of people to risk their lives by boarding rickety boats to seek better life on the other Mediterranean rim.


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