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FA Herbs consistently supplying premium products for local and international markets


FA Herbs Sdn Bhd came into being as a result of the relentless pursuit to start a business based on natural products by three siblings, way in 1995 – Faridah Binti Ahmad Fadzil, Fauziah Binti Ahmad Fadzil and Ahmad Faisal Bin Ahmad Fadzil.

At the time of the company’s inception back then, “natural” products were not very popular nor well received by the local market and consumers yet. Yet the siblings persevered and grew the company to be what it is today. The company operations are now overseen by Ahmad Faisal in his role as the Managing Director.

FA Herbs started out as an herb based cottage industry in a small makeshift factory behind their mother’s house in 1995. It soon outgrew this surrounding to emerge as one of the leading contract manufacturer and re-packer specialist of nature based product in Malaysia.


The year 1999 marked an important milestone for the company with the completion of their RM 1.5 million GMP and ISO certified natural products factory built on 6 acres of prime industry land in Kuala Selangor, Selangor. What initially seemed as a challenge for such a small business turned out into a venture that made even bigger companies look up to them and business flourished since.

FA Herbs remained focused on their core business, which was formulating, designing and manufacturing health supplements for multi level and wholesale companies in Malaysia and abroad. After 2 years, the siblings managed to establish FA Herbs Sdn Bhd firmly as a preferred contract manufacturer, producing products for giants such as Amway and Cosway.

Starting out with two staffs in the 1990s, FA Herbs currently employs about 70 staffs and specializes in premium natural products conceptualization and manufacturing in health supplements, personal care, and skin care and spa products. Their range of clients now includes multi level companies, whole sellers, airlines, five stars hotels and resorts.

After establishing FA Herbs as a premier contract manufacturer, the three innovative siblings went on to realize their dream of creating, formulating and designing a truly natural products range that is targeted towards the international market. And it was in 2000 that Tanamera was introduced to the world as a natural product range.

In 2003, their foray into the natural products market changed directions when the founders teamed up with an industrious German lady and together they tailor made the Tanamera line into a spa range by adding products like body scrubs, massage oils, body masks, incense sticks etc. Currently Tanamera retail range has approximately 80 core products not inclusive of spa accessories. Tanamera also offers about 80 professional products to be used in Spa treatments along with a list of treatments database Spas can access into. Tanamera products focus on ingredients that can be found in the tropical belt with leaning towards Malay beauty treatments.

The Company’s products and services are recognised and certified by the Drug Control Authority of Malaysia. The plant is also in its final stage of obtaining the ISO 9002 certification.

The Products:

Among the products re-packaged under contract by the Company are:

> Aromatherapy products

> Personal Hygiene & Toiletries products

> Food Supplements including packaging tea sachets

> Capsulation of Herbal products

> Spa products (Retail and Bulk) under the

Tanamera brand

The Company also provides comprehensive training on the products that they manufacture and re-pack.

Company Achievements

Their effort to maintain the integrity of a real natural product range was recognized in 2005 when they were awarded the Good Design Award (“G-Mark”) by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO). G-Mark is Japan’s only synthetic design evaluation/recommendation system which is based on “Good Design Selection System” established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan in 1957.

Tanamera was also the winner of the best Home Spa products in the Malaysian Wellness Award 2009. And the company has been awarded its Halal certification from JAKIM

International Markets:

Tanamera can now be found in spas in Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Sweden, New York, Australia and Singapore. In 2010, Tanamera will be introduced in Russia, Italy and Japan.

Moving Forward:

FA Herbs plans to expand their range of Tanamera spa products into more countries globally, namely to Russia, Italy and Japan. The team has even started to embark on the natural skin care market and initiated a partnership with a local celebrity to create “Jerneh by Sheila Majid”, a premium skin care range made for the Halal market. The skin care range was introduced on a low key in 2009 and plans are for the range to be distributed in premium outlets throughout Malaysia within the year; the company also planned to bring this product line to the international markets in the future.

In addition to that, the siblings have also started on adding another product range to their line of natural products – that of quality health supplements under the brand name of Teraputik specifically targeting the Malaysian consumers. The idea behind Teraputik is to give back to the community by supplying them premium products without a high price tag.

FA Herbs have for years consistently supplied premium products for local and international markets and they feel that the public can easily identify the quality behind the FA Herbs name.

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