Experts for more direct flights between China, Britain

flight, aeroplane,London : A call has been made for priority to be given to more direct airlinks between Britain’s northern England and China, a media report said.

It follows new research which shows how direct flights between Beijing and Manchester have delivered significant benefits to the north, Xinhua news agency reported.

The study showed that trade and tourism between Britain’s North and China has boomed since 2015 thanks to the direct flight service.

The report has called for the prioritisation of further direct links to China and other key growth markets to help drive Northern prosperity and balance the British economy.

The study “The China Dividend: One Year On” by economic consultants Steer Davies Gleeve is the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken into the economic and social impact of a brand new direct, long haul route between two countries.

The study revealed the Manchester-Beijing air route, operated by Hainan Airlines, has driven a significant increase in exports, inward investment and international student numbers into the north.

It also delivered a substantial increase in inbound tourists to the north, with many lured by the region’s natural and historic attractions, luxury shopping sites and Premier League football teams.

“In just one year the Hainan route has brought such significant rewards to the Northern Powerhouse that I feel there is a real appetite in exploring launching airline routes from Manchester to other regions in China,” said Jake Berry MP, Minister for the Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth.



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