Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is planning to introduce its products to Dubai

Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is a 100% Malaysian company with its daily business operations spearhead by Mr. Yon Yen Peng in his capacity as the Managing Director of the company.


Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was incorporated on November 2001. Its principal activities being in the product research and development as well as the production and distribution of bird’s nest, fish and chicken essences as well as herbal health supplement products.

Of late, the company is also involved in the investment of bird’s houses, management of third parties bird’s houses and the trading of bird’s nests. With the new business activities, the company has embarked into profit-sharing ventures with third parties in the rearing of birds where income is also derived from harvesting of bird’s nests and trading of the bird’s nests.

The company has three wholly owned subsidiaries namely,

1. Ecolite Pharma Sdn Bhd which is involved in the trading of instant bird’s nest, fish and chicken essence and traditional herbal health supplement products of sub-brands other than the Ecolite brand;

2. Ecolite Marketing Sdn Bhd which is primarily in the trading of cleaned bird’s nest, fish and chicken essence and herbal drinks under the Ecolite brand; and

3. Ecolite Birdnest Sdn Bhd which is newly formed for the rearing of birds, harvesting and trading of birds’ nests.

The Products : Bird’s Nest : Ecolite Instant Pure Bird’s Nest, Ecolite Concentrated Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar Ecolite Pipagao with Bird’s Nest Plus Ecolite Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar, Ecolite Bird’s Nest Extract with Collagen, Ecolite Pure Bird’s Nest .

Herbal Health products : Essence of Fish, Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng, Panax Ginseng & Cordyceps , Essence of Cortex Eucommia and Cordyceps Plus

Health drinks : Vege Fibre Beverage

International Markets: 70% of the company’s products are marketed locally with the remaining being exported to the international markets which include to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. In the pipeline are plans to introduce its products to Dubai.

Mr. Yon Yen Peng
Mr. Yon Yen Peng

Moving Forward: Our mission is to produce the most hygienic, chemical-free and purest bird’s nest and best quality herbal supplements for the holistic wellness of their customers while safeguarding the environment.

We are now selling our products to many chain pharmacies throughout Malaysia. The company plans to cover 250 outlets pharmacies by the end of 2010 and 500 outlets in year 2011.

The company has established a strong business partnership with Ecolite concept stores which have been successfully operating in Fujian, Guangzhou, Hunan and Guangxi. Right now the company is planning to look for serious potential partnerships in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Hebei and Hainan.

Ecolite has been at the forefront of promoting Halal products to cater to the growing number of people who are certain on Halal products. However, we are not only promoting Halal products on the basis of our religious affinities but based on their nutritional attributes too, hoping to engage a more diversified consumer base. Our products are Halal certified by JAKIM and we plan to introduce our Halal products to the Middle East countries. By having this commitment and to support Malaysia to become a Halal hub in a region, we are to provide our consumers with the best Halal products with the highest levels of value additives.

Company Achievements:

Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd’s production systems are HACCP, GMP and HALAL certified and approved by relevant ministries and agencies.


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