DU releases first cut-off; LSR highest with 98.5%



DUNew Delhi (IANS), University of Delhi (DU) on Wednesday released its first cut-off for the academic session 2016-17 with Lady Sri Ram College (LSR) keeping the highest cut-off for Psychology Honours at 98.5 per cent, an increase of 0.5 percentage point.

The LSR set the cut-off for English Honours and B.Com (Honours) at 98.25 per cent and 98 per cent, respectively, same as previous year.

The cut-off for B.A. Honours (Journalism) was set at 97.5 per cent, a dip of one per cent as compared to last year.

The cut-off for Economics Honours at the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) was 98.25 per cent, same as previous year while for for B.Com. (Honours) it was set at 98 per cent, an increase of 0.65 percentage point.

The cut off set for B.Com (Honours), Economic Honours, History Honours and English Honours at Hindu college was 97.75 per cent

Another prestigious college in north campus, Kirorimal College set its percentage for Economics Honours, B. A. (Honours), Physics Honours and B. Sc. (Honours) at 98 per cent, while for B.Com (Honours), it was 97.5 per cent.

For English Honours, the cut-was set at 94 per cent, as against 96.75 per cent last year.

Indraprashta (IP) College for Women decided 97 per cent cut-off for – Computer Science, English, Economics, Psychology and B. Com (Honours) while for political science it was set at 96 per cent.

Another sought-after college for girls, Miranda House set 97.75 per cent threshold for Economics, 97.5 per cent for English, 97.25 per cent for History and 97 per cent for Geography and political science.

Hansraj College had 97.75 per cent for B.Com (Honours) while it was 98 per cent for Economics. The cut off for English was 97 per cent, while it was 96.5 per cent for History.

The cut off for B. Com. (Honours) at College of Vocational Studies is 98 per cent, same as previous year while for History Honours it was increased by two percentage point to 94 per cent.

Among other South Campus colleges, Sri Venkateswara fixed its cut-off marks for Economics at 97.5 percent and 96.75 percent for English Honours.

For History and Political Science it was set at 96 percent while for B. Com and B. Com (Honours), the cut-off was set at 96.75 percent.

The university received 2,50,220 applications for the university’s 54,000 seats across 61 colleges.

English Honours was the most applied for course with 1,15,786 applications, followed by BA (Bachelor of Arts) with 98,294 applications and BA (Honours) Political Science with 90,195 applications.


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